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The Case of the Missing Ashleigh

Adam praises Ryan's manly sequins, because I guess that's Adam's job now. He talks for awhile, and Ryan and Kathryn are still breathing pretty hard at the end of his comments. Then Mary shouts a labored pun about their "last dance" and uses the phrase "skip-ripple" to describe some kind of complicated dance move. She liked it a lot, I think. Nigel is less enthusiastic. Well, of course he's less enthusiastic than Mary. There are professional cheerleaders that are less enthusiastic than Mary Murphy. He wants more funk in his disco, and also wasn't crazy about the sequins. He's careful to clarify that he loves disco and Donna Summer, but he didn't like the stiff arm-waving. Mary cuts in, "I hate to tell ya, Nigel, at that time, the style in the clubs was that you swing that arm out and you swing it out straight!" And then she segues into shouting again. So there, I guess.

Jakob and Mollee are a couple now. I think I'm noticing a small lisp that Mollee has. Jakob too. It's possible that my television's audio settings are a little off. Never mind. They've got a Jason Gilkison Viennese Waltz, and the story is about Mollee losing her mojo. I guess "mojo" is a German word now.

They'll be dancing to "Ordinary Day" by Vanessa Carlton. It appears to be set in a park, judging by the enormous backdrop screen. As usual, I still don't know what makes a waltz "Viennese", except that the song does appear to be in 3/4 time. I couldn't discern a story either. Jakob had a nice jete in the middle. Cat asserts that Mollee looks like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. She is incorrect. Anyway, to the judges! Adam loved it, saying it was beautiful and that he could have watched for two more hours. He praises Jakob and says that Mollee is both "blooming" and "peaking". Mary liked it in a more reserved tone of voice than usual. This time she uses the phrase "Pretzel turns." And we're told again that Mollee is getting better with every routine, which I think is a dubious claim. I do like her more than a few weeks ago, though. Nigel explains that the Viennese Waltz has a "constant flow of movement", which I guess regular waltzes don't? He also mentions that it's the first time, the intrusive electronic backdrop (which turns out to be called a "stealth screen", even though everyone started complaining about it two seconds after they saw it) worked really well for the dance. I agree with that part, at least.

Now it's time to say hello to Ashleigh! She says she feels fine, even though the doctors are making her wear an arm sling and not dance. She popped her shoulder back into place, so what's the problem? Hey, I've seen roller derby skaters back out on the floor ten minutes after doing that. But this show has a larger investment and more doctors on call, I guess. Ashleigh acts like she wants to get out there and dance, but Cat won't let her. Here's Ashleigh's number! Thanks for coming out, Ashleigh. At least you got some face time.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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