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The Case of the Missing Ashleigh

Ellenore and Legacy! This could be kind of interesting. I've liked Ellenore since the beginning and have really come around on Legacy. They've got a Travis Wall contemporary routine in which they play married assassins that have been hired to kill each other. So, Prizzi's Honor then. Or Mr. and Mrs. Smith, if you insist. Travis is very pleased to have dancers who can fly around acrobatically.

They start off on either side of a long table, but there's a close-up shot of the two of them forehead-to-forehead. I think it's a split-screen shot, but it's just confusing, because they're about eight feet apart in the wide shot. As Portishead's "Machine Gun" plays, they leap about and strike a number of dramatic poses. At one point, Ellenore's leg is extended so high that she looks like a longbow. Legacy flips over the table, then they writhe around on it together. It's not all about the table, but it definitely comes into play a lot. I miss the old set's staircase, because it was always fun when something I thought of as set dressing would get used in a routine. At the end of the routine, the two of them are entwined on the table and have to adjust their hair and wardrobe before coming over for comments. Adam: "...and speaking of murder, YOU MURDERED IT!" So far, Adam's loved everything. Mary tells Adam it wasn't that good, then pauses for a long time while absolutely nobody is fooled. She liked it too. Odd phrase: "The roll-in and roll-down". Legacy would like to take a moment to mention that Ellenore is incredible. Huh. Well, okay. Now back to the judges. Nigel loved how dangerous the routine was. He likes the idea of something going disastrously wrong. Now I'm wondering about that lift that messed up Ashleigh's shoulder. He also thinks Travis might get an Emmy nomination, and Travis looks shocked and honored by that.

It's time for Jakob's solo, to Mario Spinetti's "When You Say My Name." Leap, kick, turn, turn, kick, kick, turn, leap, roll, reach, kick, kick, turn, flip, wave, walk backwards while clawing at stomach.

So Ashleigh's Mystery Partner was ... Russell. Who gets to dance with a replacement partner again. Man. He's got an uphill battle this season, doesn't he? The routine is a Shane Sparks hip hop thing. Awesome. The video package focuses on Ashleigh's non-street-ness, but that's academic now. Shane vows that the new stage will get ripped in half.

The music is a Bobby J remix of "Too Much Booty 2" by Soundmaster T & Jah-Rista featuring Korveil. The only part of that I recognized was the numeral "2" and the letter "T". The part of Ashleigh will be played by Shane's assistant Rachel. Go! It's kind of refreshing not to have to watch both dancers. I don't care if they're in sync; I just care if Russell is moving quickly and hitting it hard. He is. I wonder if they had to change the camera moves at the last second, because they usually have isolated shots of both dancers, but Rachel isn't getting any isolated screen time. Adam thinks it's a drag to not have the full pairing on stage. He also praises how hard Russell hits. See? It's an important thing, the hardness of your hitting. Mary likes Russell and praises him for giving 100%. Just 100? Kathryn's at 150 already! Just to show that she's not restricted to ballroom lingo, Mar throws out "that King-Tutting section". Nigel uses the word "booty" a lot, which makes everyone feel uncomfortable. He also reminds us that Russell learned about the replacement dancer that morning. And Russell "showed us how to hit hard".

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