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Ellenore's solo. James Brown's "I Got the Feelin'." Rocking the baby, kick, run, jump, double finger-guns, big steps backwards, kick forward, kick backward, half a jump, glare, sit down, stand on one foot, shimmy, spin, point toes, get down with her bad self. I didn't think I'd get through that one. I wonder what I'll do for Russell's solo.

Russell's solo. "Holiday Buckness" by The J-Squad. Skip on stage while wearing a Santa Claus suit, pop chest, pop chest, move sideways while pointing at the floor, move head around with hands, touch shoulders while making amusing faces, jump out of shoe, put shoe back on, take teddy bear out of sack, sit on chair and smile at camera. There! I have just given you a 100% accurate description of that krump solo!

Mollee and Jakob will now be performing a Broadway routing by Joey Dowling. They'll be playing con artists. I think Mollee would make a good con artist, actually. She's got an open, honest face, which is what bugs some people about her. Jakob explains that he's the brains and Mollee will be ditzy. There is much talk about this bench slide.

Ooookay. Now Samantha Ronson has remixed "Easy Street" from Annie. That sounds risky, but I didn't think Jay-Z could get away with "Hard Knock Life" either. Let's see. Also, this is from the "original TV soundtrack," which is clearly the wrong version. The bench slide is early in the routine, and not all that exciting. Jakob is hampered a bit by wearing pants that are the same dark grey as the background, so we can't see his fancy leaps. Then the background changes while they throw off their overcoats and now we can see everything much better. The remix consists of randomly stuttering sounds and the occasional WHOOSH! I still kind of like it. I wonder if Samantha Ronson just did the one song or if she has a whole "Annie Remixed!" album. Adam loved it and says the word "important" a million times. Mollee's hair has been completely redone since the first number. Mary says "aerial rondes". Nigel liked it as well and thinks Mollee should go to Broadway. He might be right about that. He also thinks the "Broadway" on this show tends more toward "vaudeville". Man, I wish. Bring on the juggling bears and dog acts!

Kathryn's solo. "Shadowfeet" by Brooke Fraser. Reach, reach, kicking turn, jumping turn, roll, kick, roll, stand, jump, kick, look, kick, pose like a capital "C", turning kick, jump.

Ellenore and Legacy are back! With a Tabitha and Napoleon thing. They're aliens or something, and the idea is that Ellenore gets more hip hop and Legacy gets more quirky. Sounds like their sort of thing. Ellenore does some more of her weird talking thing.

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