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The Case of the Missing Ashleigh

When they do the final rundown, we get to see Ashleigh in footage from the rehearsal on the big stage. That's nice of them. Nigel recommends voting for all of the dancers, which I don't think is a winning strategy. He explicitly tells us to ignore technique and vote on entertainment value. I'm voting for Cat!

My rankings: Legacy/Ellenore Contemporary, Jakob/Mollee Viennese Waltz, Kathryn/Ryan Cha Cha (Cha), Russell/NotAshleigh Bollywood, Jakob/Mollee Broadway, Kathryn/Ryan Disco, Russell/NotAshleigh Hip Hop, Legacy/Ellenore Hip Hop

With the Ashleigh thing, I think it's hard to predict. I think Ryan and Ashleigh might both be out, but if Ryan successfully sent all his votes over to Ashleigh, that might bump Kathryn. Joe R. will be here tomorrow with the story!

You can email Monty at if that's your idea of a good time.

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