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This Is What It Sounds Like When Judges Cry

You know, two weeks vacation isn't all that great when it means two weeks away from Cat Deeley. Oh, and also the dancing. I missed the dancing too.

Oh, wonderful, Mia's at the judges table. As is, for some reason, dancing expert Ellen DeGeneres. Could we not have just given Mia's spot to Ellen? Apparently Nigel is an honorary doctor now. Thanks, University of Bedfordshire! Nigel mentions tomorrow night's show is the 100th episode, and admits that he didn't think this show would ever work. And then Ellen gets gales of laughter when she haltingly tells a story of not so much having formal training in dance but getting molested by someone named "Eduardo" in her gated community. And then Mary says "off the chain" and Nigel doesn't even know what that means and Mary screams at him and calls him an English muffin, and everyone brays laughter. And then Cat asks Mia about being nominated for two Emmys, and Mia corrects her that it's actually THREE, thank you very much, and my happiness at seeing Cat has already been used up. And then there is Travis Wall, who came to work with the Top 8, so we're going to watch some footage.

He tells us it's like a rave in some future century, and it's a "fusion" and a huge "banana extravaganza" which sounds like another way of saying "sausage party." And apparently raves in the future will feature people wearing costumes from Star Trek in the '60s, and we will be dancing to that mind-numbingly boring "Let It Rock" song. The dance itself isn't bad, with its popping and lifts and kicks and punches. The dancers line up and pirouette and squat and shimmy. Eventually the cheesy costumes win me over. Entertaining to watch, although I think the song's beat is too slow and would be better sped up.

Anyway, Nigel praises them, and says Travis makes him feel like a proud father. Ellen starts off by saying she can dance like that and then cracks wise about helping Travis with the costumes. Mary likes the costumes and the choreography, and then jokes about wanting to pick on a couple of people before revealing that there's no one to pick on. Mia is proud of Travis, because he "got it goin' on." And then she makes a costume joke with Ellen, and Mary is cackling the whole time which really adds so much to the whole viewing experience.

And just in case you're watching tonight but aren't planning to watch tomorrow night, Cat introduces a commercial for tomorrow's hundredth episode, which will feature everyone's favorite moments, and also Katie Holmes. Yay...?

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