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This Is What It Sounds Like When Judges Cry

Anyway, the dance starts ("May It Be" by Hayley Westenra) with Brandon holding Jeanine in a standing position over his head. She's in a yellow dress, and he slowly lowers her, somewhat awkwardly, but that can't be an easy thing to do. Once they start moving across the stage though, it's quite a lot more graceful, although I do think all waltzes should be danced with the help of a fog machine. You know? Dry ice. Just smoke all across the stage. They move together really nicely, and she puts her arms around his neck and he pulls her across the floor. It ends with him pulling her into a lift across the front of his body.

Nigel calls it extremely tough routine that Hunter put together, and it didn't help that the music felt like pulling teeth, because it was slow. He calls it "music for insomniacs" and almost put him to sleep. He talks about "controlled power," and he didn't think they were in as much control as they should be in the top eight, especially for two of his favorite dancers. He says he was a little disappointed. The crowd boos, and he tells them to shut up and makes fun of them, and then mocks them for cheering Ellen when she says she disagrees with Nigel. "I had no idea you'd do that," she says, before launching into a Mary-cackle-inducing story about Twyla Tharp that ultimately has no point and then just says they were fantastic. Mary echoes Nigel's comments about the control needed for such a slow waltz, and "you guys did it respectable" she says, which is bad enough, and then she says "could have went," which is like nails on a chalkboard for me. And then Nick Rhodes says if Brandon hadn't been thinking of birds and bees it could have been much better. She says she wanted it to be like a fairy tale, but there were too many hiccups and stuck moments so it didn't. She expected more, especially from them, because they're "the tops."

Then Jason does a solo to ... ah, goddammit ... Taking Back Sunday. It's your usual contemporary ballet thing, although he did kind of a cool little head jerk in the middle of a leap. Afterwards, he points out his brother in the audience, and the camera shows us a screen full of women and then you finally see the brother like three rows back.

Ade picks Melissa's name, and they're excited to be reunited. They're doing a cha-cha with Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin. Melissa explains that there's a lot of hip movement to worry about. "I have to think about a lot," she says. Especially considering she's already had a couple of hip-replacement surgeries, I imagine. Ade says something about getting a "sexyback" walk.

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