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Caitlynn and Tadd: Foxtrot (Jonathan Roberts)
This is a classic, Fred and Ginger foxtrot, complete with the big feathery dress (hers) and bow-tie and tails (him). It feels slowish at times, and Caitlynn's dress is doing a lot of the work, but Tadd really impresses here. He's so light on his feet, and he nails the posture and style and attitude of the piece. Caitlynn seems to be relying on her smile more than any kind of superlative technique. Mary says she needed more power, especially in closed position. Nigel says he wished he and Gaga could be up there dancing like that, and Gaga loved Caitlynn's star posturing. She does call out some of Caitlynn's more pageanty tendencies, including her "I won a lot of trophies" hand motions.

Marko and Ricky: Hip-Hop (Tabitha and Napoleon)
The song is "Bad Boy for Life," which is making me laugh, and the concept is, essentially, dancing janitors. Any kind of initial silliness is brushed off, however, by the strength of their dancing. Marko's finishing his moves better, but when shit get quick-stepping CRAZY at the end, and Ricky really shows up best in this context. Afterwards, Cat starts singing the Super Mario Brothers theme song, giving us one more reason to love her. Mary LOVED the routine (it was suuuper fun). Nigel says Ricky was still dancing a bit high, but he loved the spin-jump thingie they both did. He does worry that he thinks Ricky might be in the bottom tomorrow night, which draws boos but which can only rally votes for Ricky, which is good. Gaga cites Stomp and name-drops the wonderful and insane Laurie-Ann Gibson (who does Gaga's choreography), all by way of (once again!) criticizing Napoleon and Tabitha's tame choreography! It's open season on choreographers! Rob sticks up for NapTab, to make it less awkward, but regardless.

Jordan and Jess: Rumba (Jason Gilkison)
NO! Melanie and Jess, people! MELANIE and Jess! My slight annoyance is soon assuaged by the music choice of Adele's "Set Fire to the Rain." YES. Jordan is certainly in her element here -- half-naked and writhing. And once again, there's a chair to assist Jess in the lifts, which makes me think that might just be general protocol for Jess for the rest of the season. There is one truly impressive reverse-spin (unassisted) lift that is just super impressive, but overall, the routine didn't quite catch fire. Nigel didn't feel the chemistry (truth). Gaga tries to be diplomatic by saying she'd have interpreted the song differently (from a choreographical standpoint). Rob thought they brought out the best in each other and pegs them both for theater careers. He also takes a moment to stick up for maligned Broadway (which: wrong show, fella; that's Idol). Mary praises that awesome lift, but says "elasticity" was lacking. Not Jordan's best week, and she kind of needed it.

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