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"Get Up" by Ciara is the music for the group dance (that song that rips off "Somebody's Watching Me" by Rockwell). It's some kind of wind-up toy Matrix thing, with Lacey in the centre being wound up in the back by Neil. Everyone's in grey, except for Lauren, looking Trinity-ish. Herky-jerky movements, and all the grey toys bend as far backwards as they can before Trinity/Lauren zaps them all down. It's quite cool. Shane Sparks apparently put all of his energy into this routine this week, instead of his underwhelming hip-hop routine from last night.

You know, it was kind of cute when Cat was unintentionally saying "jidges." Now that she's playing it up, it's not quite as endearing. Oh, Cat, who am I kidding; I could never stay mad at you, dressed as you are in your finest prom dress.

Cat asks Nigel why dancing is such a tough career. Instead of answering, Nigel sends out everyone's love for the victims and families of the disaster in Minneapolis. The audience dutifully claps. Then he gets around to answering Cat's question, saying that it requires incredible dedication, and it's much like a sports career, in terms of length. Dancers need to think about what they're going to do with the rest of their lives, since dancing careers are so short. Then he goes off on how people shouldn't be buying tickets for the tour yet, because they're not on sale, so anything that purports to be a ticket for the SYTYCD tour is counterfeit. Then he goes back to Cat's question, and talks forever about how dancing is a strange life, and how are areas like choreographing and teaching and et cetera that dancers can move into. Cat says dance has had such a resurgence. Has it really? I'm not sure it isn't "sitting on your ass watching other people dance" that's had the resurgence. Adam blathers on about how crazy the dancing life is, and one time he danced at the Oscars with four broken toes. Cat asks Mary if it's possible a girl could win this year. "Absolutely a girl could win this year, ha ha ha ha ha!" says Mary, and by now I am just constantly yelling "WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS LAUGHING" at the screen. Like this show isn't pushing hard to have a girl win this year.

Solo routines (remember, we have stretch five minutes of show into an hour's worth of broadcast): Sara, dancing some hip-hop. Big Daddy Kane in the house ("Set It Off")! It's mostly breaking, and nothing we haven't seen done better before, including by Sara herself. Lacey is dancing to "I'm Doing Everything" by Rocket Summer, in booty shorts and sock feet and a striped tank top and a tie. She slides around and does a routine well suited for early-morning televised exercise. It's all over the place and not much of anything. She hops around on that table at the front of the stage for a little while. Sabra's next, doing backflips and pirouettes and kicks to "Better Not Touch" by Shemekia Copeland. The best of a lacklustre group of routines from the women. Up last, Lauren, dancing to P. Diddy's "Last Night"; another underwhelming routine, better than Lacey's, but not by much.

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