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Last night, seven of the Top 8 dancers performed, one got her husband to cry on her behalf, and in descending order of intensity, I'm worried about: Jakob, Ellenore, Legacy, and Kathryn.

We kick things off with a Sonya group routine. I didn't even get a chance to guess at it, because Cat spilled the beans last night. But given that the dancers are all dressed like Toucan Sam's ecstasy weekend, plus a whole lot of freezing in weird contorted poses, I might have guessed. Seriously, it's no surprise Jakob and Ellenore did so well with her routine last week; they're the ones whose body parts go places they're not supposed to go. Cat is sadly not dressed for a tennis match at the Trump Taj Mahal like she was last night, but she still looks good. Welcome, jidges!

Like a few of the songs last night, the song used for Sonya's routine was remixed by Samantha Ronson. I still don't know why we're doing this, or to what synergized end, but in the interests of filling time (time that, I should mention now, could have been spent with our two eliminated dancers at the end of the show), we get a clip package for SamRo. We see her meeting the dancers a few weeks ago (Karen and my Victor were still around) and it's all nice, and I like her for no real reason.

Cat figures we should get on with the results and hauls out the four guys. The tableau is kind of funny, with everybody wearing jeans but Jakob, who is in short-shorts and a hoodie. And good for him; for such a teeny guy, those shorts are showing off some thick, muscular legs. He's a dancer, it's not surprising, but still. We start with Russell, who was bereft a partner due to Ashleigh's injury. He ended up delivering a wonderfully fun Bollywood and then a disappointingly ordinary hip-hop, though the judges loved both. Cat tells him he's safe, which is good if a little surprising. I thought he'd be in danger given the lack of a partner, plus the fact that Ryan's crybaby antics on behalf of his wife put him in line for any reflected sympathy Russell might've gotten as Ash's partner. Anyway. Russell -- safe.

Legacy's next. Ohh, he's in the bottom two, I bet. Last night, he did that silly gambit with a cell phone is his solo that bizarrely seemed to offend people. People who get angry and offended by this show kind of mystify me. (Or they did, until the end of this episode.) Anyway, Legacy and Ellenore were agro-fabulous in Travis's contempo, then were in that underwhelming NapTab routine with the masks. They got the only real bad reviews on a night when everyone else got raves. Everyone except Ashleigh. Who didn't dance. Did not dance. Legacy is in the Bottom Two.

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