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After the break, we move to Jakob, whose brilliant reviews by the judges sound more impressive when condensed into clips. I remember watching last night and wishing Adam would quit being all "Jakob, you were flawless as usual, but let's talk about Mollee for an hour!" Watching it back now, I realize Adam called Jakob one of the best dancers on this show, ever. So: sorry, Adam. Jakob danced a brilliant Broadway routine with Mollee, and also delivered one of the best waltzes I've seen on this show. Adam could've watched that for two more hours. Me too.

Now Ryan. Ryan was the weaker partner in his and Kathryn's disco, but picked up his game for their cha-cha. He also broke down like a baby and begged America to vote for his non-dancing wife. Cat announces: Jakob is safe, Ryan's in the Bottom Two. Mary Murphy looks happier than I have ever seen her as she gives Jakob and Russell props for making the finale. Specifically, she tells Jakob how impeccable dancers like him sometimes fail to get as many votes as sympathy cases, but how nice that that didn't happen to him. Yet.

More commercials, and then it's time for the girls. Or, "gulls," per Cat. Kathryn is first. She really shined in the disco (I can't look at her for more than five seconds without a "Go on, Miss Kathryn"), then roared back from a nondescript beginning to take over that cha-cha. The judges seemed to like her more than they ever have. She's so good, she doesn't even get the dramatic wait; Cat just tells her she's made the finale. As she crosses the stage and leaps into Jakob's arms, I get momentarily giddy at the thought of them partnering next week.

Next is Ellenore, who had the awesome Travis routine and the less-awesome NapTab. With equally un-frilly drama, Cat tells her she's in the Bottom Two. Which leaves us with Mollee and Ashleigh. Mollee was universally praised, and for maybe the first week this season, she deserved all of it. In a season where every week, some judge was impatiently waiting to tell her how much she's grown since the beginning, I finally saw it all come together for her in a way it hadn't before. I always knew she was a great dancer, it was the baby-doll personality quirks that made it hard to see her as a serious dancer. At this point, the dancer side has won out. And then: Ashleigh. Who did not dance. Naturally, Ashleigh makes the Finale, and Mollee is in the Bottom Two. Cat goes to Adam, who looks gobsmacked at this result. But instead of mentioning how, after seven weeks of competing at the highest levels, Ellenore or Mollee is going to go home due to sympathy votes for someone who didn't dance -- instead of saying that, he just filibusters forever about Mollee and Kathryn until Cat cuts him off.

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