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Duh-Hoy, Mateys!

The judges head off to deliberate, which means it's time for the weekly Pointless Musical Guest. Tonight: Ne-Yo! Far as I can tell, none of the all-stars are dancing for him. And I like Ne-Yo, but now is not the time. I must learn Melinda's fate!

After the break, Nigel makes it mercifully brief, telling Billy and Robert to heed Mia's warnings and then take their spots with the others. Robert pulls a smidge too much of the false surprise there, but I think Billy's sober face kind of pulls Robert back to the ground real quick. Melinda's got a smile fixed on her face that isn't going anywhere, though it doesn't remotely reach her eyes. Whatever, defense mechanism, I get it. Nigel tells her she'll always be able to find work dancing, which is nice.

Melinda's goodbye video package shows her in happier times, but I'm just left with the hope that this is the last time a poor tapper is thrown to the wolves like this. Until they can find enough of a hybrid who's been trained in other styles, it just seems like a bridge too far to ask a pure tapper to keep up with what is decidedly not a tap-dancing show. Farewell, Melinda. You and your old-ass soul.

Joe R thinks shit's about to get real next week. Questions, comments, and unadulterated love can be sent to him at

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