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Gev comes out to dance to Michael Bublé. OK, so Mark is now the lesser of two evils tonight. Although I kinda dug the hip-hop set to the Sinatra impersonator.

Lil' C says he's such a fan of the "little guy" and tells Gev he dances with a lot of heart. "Whatever you do, you will always deliver." Mary talks about how tremendous Gev, a street dancer, has been in all the routines, and is one of the most lovable characters. Nigel says Gev is a really outstanding personality and has unique ability.

After the final commercial break, Comfort and Kherington are on stage. "The girl who polled the fewest votes, and is leaving us tonight, is Kherington." Someone in the audience gets stabbed to death, judging from the screaming.

And now: Mark and Gev. "The guy who polled the fewest votes, and is leaving us tonight, is Gev." Nooooo! Gev sticks out his bottom lip in mock protest before remembering that he at least gets clasped to Cat's chest. She's at least upset as Gev's family. He calls it the greatest experience he's ever had.

Um, the show, not Cat's chest.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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