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Susie-Q, Baby, We Don't Love You

Then a threatened Flo Rida performance comes to pass. You know, I've been putting my damn hands in the air for, it must be twenty goddamn years now. You put your hands in the air. Lazy bastard. Now he goes into the crowd to make sure audience members' hands are properly aloft. Everything seems to be in order. This is his jam, he reminds us. And this is my fast-forward button!

Back from the commercial break, the judges are back in their seats, and the girls are up on stage. Nigel talks about watching the NBA Finals and says he watched Kobe Bryant lose and go around and congratulate each and every one of the Boston Celtics, which proves he's more than a good sportsman, but also a good man. This statement proves that Nigel knows very little about Kobe Bryant. His point is that you can fail, and still be successful. My point is YEAH CELTICS!

Anyway. Chelsea has a great personality, says Nigel, and she brightens up the stage. But she'll have to step up, because there are better dancers here. For tonight, she's safe.

Nigel tells Susie that she didn't use the stage as much as they would have liked. Something has cooled her down, he says, and she needs to rekindle the fire. Then he addresses Comfort, saying she has not lived up to her potential. He thinks that maybe she came alive during the Shane Sparks routine, and that's why they're keeping her. Am I nuts, or isn't it supposed to be based on their solos? Isn't that the point of dancing for their lives? Shenanigans!

After Susie's farewell montage, Susie thanks the choreographers and the show for the opportunity.

And now the men: Nigel says it was really difficult, but the judges were unanimous. He points out that it's the three contemporary boys all in the bottom three, and there's no question they're all brilliant dancers.

Thayne has a great personality, and a lot of potential. Marquis: very good dancer, but they thought he was all tricks tonight, and not dance. Man, talk about subjective! And Chris is bringing out the personality Nigel has asked for. And from those comments, it appears obvious that it's going to be Marquis leaving, and that's just what's happening, prompting catcalls from the audience.

Cat -- whose generosity and compassion for everyone involved on this show always impresses me -- tells him he's going to be brilliant, and we watch the goodbye montage. Farewell, Marquis! We hardly knew ya! He says it's been an awesome road, and he can't wait to keep heading down it.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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