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Cat has the girls on stage first to hear who is in the bottom two. Cat starts with Janette and, though we just saw the recap packages not five minutes ago, reads a select few judge's comments. Can they not figure out more creative filler than repeating themselves in the first fifteen minutes of the show? Well, the answer clearly is no. But is Janette safe? The answer is totally yes. Next up is Randi, who looks amazing in a blue dress with her hair in cute curls, but unfortunately it's too little, too late as she's in the bottom two. Next up is Jeanine, who is totally deservedly safe. That leaves Kayla and Melissa, and after Cat's recap she announces sadly that Melissa is the other girl in danger. I agree with America so far -- I mean, clearly all of these ten dancers that are left are fantastic and I'm not disparaging them, but these would have been my bottom two.

Cat doesn't yet bring up the boys, but instead shows some more highlights from the season 6 tryouts. Does anyone else miss the professional dancers? I mean, we'll see these clips in actual season 6, and it's not like the show is hurting for viewers seeing as it is so popular that they are bringing season 6 in the Fall. There's a lot of crazy leaps and amazing moves, and then Mary tells one dancer I'm fairly certain we've seen try out before, "Now that was passion up there on that stage just now!" I'm even more sure that we've seen her before because Cat then tells us that we'll meet a lot of dancers also trying out for the first time. We're introduced to Molly Gray, whose mom moved them from Utah to Upland, California to help further her dance career. We see some of her amazing audition that appears to end in her going to Vegas, though we'll have to watch next season to be sure. There's also Nigel's smackdown of some yahoo, and Cat sends would-be competitors to the website for info on upcoming auditions.

Now up are the boys. Jason is up first, which I think means he must be safe and... he is. I did think Jason's time was up a couple of weeks ago but he completely redeemed himself last night and I think this is well-deserved. Next up is Evan, who somewhat surprisingly is safe -- he is completely relieved and overjoyed. Poor Kupono is next and since Cat doesn't also introduce the last two boys it's not much of a surprise that he's the first one in the bottom two. There's a shot of the safe dancers clapping for him and Kayla is standing behind Evan with her arms draped sweetly over his shoulders -- it's nice to see given that I couldn't get a read on how actually happy she was about her pairing this week. Cat takes a moment to point out his outfit, which isn't entirely necessary as you can't miss it. He's got on cropped, baggy blue sweats with a number of strands of what look like decorative drapery trim hanging from the waist on his right side as well as a white vest/halter top accessorized with lots of chunky, shiny necklaces. He's like a modern-day interpretation of a Von Trapp child, about to go perform with his family at a rave before they all flee to the mountains to escape to freedom. Once he takes his seat that leaves, somewhat surprisingly, Ade and Brandon with one of them safe and one not. Brandon is smiling but behind it you can tell that he's gobsmacked. But even he looks genuinely stunned when it's ADE and not him actually in the bottom two. Oh America, don't make me curse you and your crazy voting so early on!

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