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Even though they are not dancing for their lives, and even though we saw solos last night, those kids in the bottom are going to dance solos again. Before that happens Cat talks up next Wednesday's episode, which with be the 99th, and announces that Mia will be the third judge and Ellen DeGeneres will also be there. Then, Thursday's episode is going to feature popular past dances, including the Bench (!), the Hummingbird and the Flower (!!), and my very favorite group performance of all time, "Ramalama (Bang Bang)"! Excuse me, I have to go get up and do a small happy dance of my own.... okay, done. Man, I'm having friends over on Wednesday for a group viewing but I clearly picked the wrong night, because if all that wasn't enough, that's also the night we're getting the big Katie Holmes dance number. Oh So You Think You Can Dance, just when I think I can't love you any more you surprise me with this! Never leave me.

Randi is up first and does a way better solo than she did last night -- correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's the very same song and dance as before, however in my opinion this one is just better. She moves tremendously and just exudes joy, and it's a pleasure to watch. Cat asks Mary what she thinks and Mary tells her she's wonderful but has somehow stayed below the radar, and if she sticks around she needs to somehow figure out how to stand out. Debbie then offers her feedback and clearly watched a different show than I did last night because she loved last night's solo. Debbie points out that Randi's costume this night is much better, which is true. Then the most awesome thing happens: Debbie admits she hates the paso doble, which elicits screeching from Mary, who loves it, but Debbie gets the last word when she points out that Mary didn't like it last night and that's why Randi is here -- all delivered in that awesome, "Don't EVEN try to mess with me," tone that she and her glorious sister Phylicia Rashad do so well. She also then adds that the wig wasn't the whole problem because she's wearing fake hair right now and don't we all sometimes? No, but we SHOULD, because Debbie Allen says so.

Next up is Kupono, who does the same cool, quirky dance that is fun to watch but I think doesn't again show off his dance skills to their highest. Cat tells Mary to speed it up this time and she tells him that he needs to be stronger, including in his solo, if he makes it back. Aw, Debbie doesn't get to speak now for time. Why can't we just cut Mary instead? Melissa is next and re-dances her good-but-not-great solo. For a girl with such amazing skills, she really chose to show off almost none of them here, which is baffling to me. Debbie is the one asked about Melissa, and she thinks that America is spoiled and getting so much great dancing, that Melissa needs to give more. Those two things don't actually really seem related but are both true and came from Debbie Allen, so I'm just going to go with it. Finally we see Ade's solo, and while it is a little bit crazy, he's just so freaking good that I can't take my eyes off him. (His abs are covered right now so yes, I stand by his dancing as the only thing holding my attention, nothing else.)

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So You Think You Can Dance




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