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Then the Black Eyed Peas come up to perform "I Got A Feeling," a song I actually really like and so I am hoping that this performance goes okay and doesn't ruin it for me. When they keep Fergie's singing to a minimum, it sounds pretty good, actually. They're joined by a ton of dancers and then shoot of confetti cannons, which make anything better. Root canal? If your dentist turned up the music and shot off confetti cannons, you'd totally forget about the drilling!

But once the confetti is cleared, it's time to do the cutting. Cat brings the girls up first, and the girl going home is Randi. Randi looks like she totally knew it was coming and is totally okay with. We see a clip package full of unitards and her butt and she then gets a standing ovation from the crowd. Then the guys come up for their verdict, and thankfully I didn't have to have words with America just yet as Kupono is going home while Ade is safe. I love Kupono, he's cute and funny and a fabulous dancer but I'm okay with him going home at this point. He also takes it totally graciously, while his pants ride so low that I fear Fox might need to make some sort of apology in a centimeter or two but I take time to appreciate the view nonetheless. Now THAT, I will miss.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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