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In Which Nigel Renders the Vote Meaningless

Cat moves on to separate the wheat from chaff. The first two couples are Jason/Caitlin and Janette/Brandon, and the crowd goes crazy. To recap last night: Jason and Caitlin were over-praised for their Foxtrot and overshadowed in their lyrical jazz. Janette and Brandon, on the other hand, were sizzling in their professional-grade tango and touched by the hand of God, a.k.a. Wade Robson, in a weirder-but-awesome jazz routine. Are we really in suspense as to who's safe? Of course it's Brandon and Janette, relegating Caitlin and Jason to the Bottom 3 -- for the third time. Cat asks Mary what's going on. She says they lost the magic after their killer Bollywood routine in Week 1. She dispenses vague advice about being fearless and coming out fighting. Grant you, I've seen some people who really did come out fighting with their solos, but I'm not so sure Caitlin and Jason are up to that. We'll see... after the break! Start saying your goodbyes, tutu!

The next culling of the dancers is Randi/Evan versus Phillip/Jeanine. If I get my way, no amount of personality and hard work will be able to save the Cabbage Patch Kids. As for the other two, they were totally screwed by genre (seriously Kalinka?), and only the sheer love of the audience can save them. But then! The tables officially flip over like a Real Housewives finale, and Randi and Evan are safe, sending Phillip and Jeanine to the B3. Seriously? No offense to Mistress Unitard and Gene Kelly Junior (I actually took a liking to him way back when he was cut in Vegas last season), but they did not step up last night. All performance, no emotion. Cat echoes this WTF sentiment to Nigel, and he assures her that, despite all the hoopla about how important the Top 10 is as far as the tour goes, they actually have swing dancers (as in substitutes, not Benji Schwimmers) on the tour, so two of the rejects from the last several weeks will return. Read: If we decided to axe Phillip tonight, he'll totally still be on the tour. Get out your wallets, kids!

And now for the final match-up: Kayla/Kupono against Melissa/Ade. This sucks. Neither of them should go home. But if it must be someone, it must be Melissa and Ade. I will flip my shit if Kayla and Kupono are in the B3. As for yesterday, Melissa and Ade were totally awesome in disco, then just as awesome in the waltz, a style that couldn't have been more different. Kayla and Kupono mesmerized me and broke my heart with a Mia Michaels routine that was straight-up the best of the whole season IMHO. They then performed a professional-grade, if emotionally shallow Broadway routine. Did I mention already how this squaring off of couples sucks? And, I guess it's only right then that Melissa and Ade are in the B3. Because, regardless of how exciting they were, they didn't draw the names Mia Michaels or Wade Robson. It's that simple. Tyce pawns it off to Ade dropping his energy a bit and not completing his movement.

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