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In Which Nigel Renders the Vote Meaningless

Ade is the last to perform his solo, to "Windowdipper" by Jib Kidder. It is literally the sounds of the Windows operating system on your computer -- you know, those annoying bings and tuh-dums you get when you hit something wrong. Except it's friggin' great, to quote Tyce. Who knew that computer error messages could be musical? Apparently Jib Kidder and Ade. Ade gives Mandy Moore a lesson in "kitchen sink" choreography as he seamlessly transitions from contemporary to hip-hop to acrobatics (yes, there's even a full back layout, step out). It's surprising and captivating and interesting -- thank Jeebus! Now that was a performance FTW. He ain't going anywhere either. Ade gets a standing ovation. Cat says she has chills.

While the kids catch their breath and await their fate and the judges head off deliberate, we are treated to a performance of "Love Takes Over" by David Guetta and Kelly Rowland, a.k.a. that other chick from Destiny's Child -- the one who doesn't get grammar. First off, much credit to Kelly for singing live. She hits the notes (mostly). For a little bit I'm scared that it's just going to be me, Kelly, and a DJ booth alone for three minutes. Luckily some dancers hit the stage to do various break dancing stunts. One of them looks like Levi Johnston, though, no? I honestly think they picked the first four rhythmically-inclined frat boys they could find. As Kelly continues plowing through valiantly, and the dancers start spinning frantically, I begin to realize that this song was never meant to be performed live. Unless you're in a gay club and high on E. Things hit a fever pitch when Kelly sings the word "tonight" about 150 times in a row, seriously. Then David Guetta actually leaves the DJ booth just to clap and look a whole helluva lot like Rhys Ifans in Notting Hill, plus one sparkly Africa shirt. And then it's eventually over. Thankfully. Don't get me wrong. I actually like that song, but that performance was what we in the biz call "superfluous." Also, "awkward."

Finally we have results. Nigel starts with the girls, saying it was a unanimous decision. He advises everyone in the Top10 that they need to achieve their potential as stars during next week's duet-and-singles rounds because they're not there yet. As for the dancerina not advancing, he explains that the judges debated over which girls they wanted to stay, rather than choosing a girl they wanted to leave. That girl, however, is Caitlin. We see a montage of her "best bits" (teehee), from spiky-headed alien dancing to Bollywood and beyond. She gets a bit teary-eyed, but there's no time for that because it's on to the guys' elimination.

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