So You Think You Can Dance
Two of 12 Voted Off

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In Which Nigel Renders the Vote Meaningless

Nigel says that, again, it was a unanimous decision. Nigel tries to comfort them, saying they are all brilliant and have bright future. Meanwhile, Phillip looks like he's about to shit a brick. Nigel asks him to step forward. He says that Phillip is magnificent in his own style, but he's been weak in the other genres -- and that's not even counting last night's Russian debacle. Phillip is eliminated. Nigel offers a silver lining: Both Phillip and Caitlin will be on the tour. Cat throws to Phillip's exit montage: there are undulations, flips, and pants-ripping leaps. It's a good one, as goodbye reels go. Back in the stage, Phillip, voice cracking, tries to keep from crying as he says he delivers an Oscar-worthy speech about growing despite a lack of training. To paraphrase: Dream big, follow your heart, embrace creativity, and don't let the h8ers get you down! Caitlin, God bless her, barely gets a word in because Phillip's trumps everyone.

Next week: Top 10, now with just as many unitards! **Slaps forehead**

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So You Think You Can Dance




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