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WHAT? What was that, fifteen seconds? This is BULLSHIT! What was that, one of those situations where if they play any more they have to pay someone? HE JUST DIED! PAY SOMEONE SOMETHING!


Anyway, Asuka and Vitolio did a jazz routine to "Heartbreaker." Nigel liked it, Mary was slightly underwhelmed, and Toni Basil said some nonsense, possibly having to do with the street. And then they're in the bottom three. Next up, Janette and Brandon's hip-hop, that the judges all liked, and America liked well enough to keep them out of the bottom three.

Evan and Randi performed a very "cheeky" (thanks, Cat) routine by Mia Michaels that turned Randi's butt into the suitcase from Pulp Fiction. The judges all liked it. "The butt made the cut," says Cat. They're safe.

Jeanine and Phillip did the Tyce Diorio Broadway, and the judges liked it, and so did America.

Melissa and Ade did a Tony Meredith rumba that had Mary screaming, and Nigel applauding and making puns. "It was Ade to remember, but will America make it a night to forget?" reads Cat off the cue card, cutely adding, "See what we've done there?" Melissa and Ade are safe. Someone in the audience holds up a sign that says "Melissa + Ade = Melade." Uh ... "good one"?

Commercial break, and then Karla and Jonathan are on stage. They did a Dave Scott hip-hop routine that didn't impress the judges. And they're voted into the bottom three. Nigel makes some noise about the dancers not getting it together, and dancers can't blame the choreographer, or vice-versa, and this is really strange, especially considering that Asuka and Vitolio didn't get any judges' comments.

Then it's Caitlin and Jason's paso doble. Toni thought it was really good, Nigel thought Jason was performing more to the audience than to his partner, and Mary loved it. But we'll find out what happened after checking in with Kupono and Kayla, he did a Tony Meredith Viennese waltz that had Mary screaming about the hot tamale train. So who's in the bottom three? Caitlin and Jason. The couples embrace, and then I guess part of the punishment is listening to Mary talk about how this is an opportunity for America to see them dance again, which kind of amuses me. I mean, one could argue that these are three couples that America least wants to see dance. And then Toni says she wasn't at all surprised about one couple, but with the other two, she's not going to "second-guess America." Nigel eggs her to name names, and Toni says "the hip-hop," because I guess she can't remember the actual names of the dancers.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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