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So there's the bottom six, and Cat can barely contain herself because her maternal instincts are kicking into overdrive because of the cuties on stage: the Rage Boys Crew, a group of teenagers (and some younger than teenage) who launch into an amazing hip-hop routine, that features cartwheels, flips, a dancer running across the backs of his crouched fellow dancers, and the littlest of the pint-size dancers gets launched into the air, caught by the older boys. Well done! Well, except for the parts that just seemed to be half the boys doing that chugga-chugga motion with their arms, which seemed to be a lot of it.

After the commercial break, it's time for the solo routines. First up, Asuka, with a lot of Latin steps and hip-waggling. Not really impressive. Vitolio: pirouettes, extends, leaps, swivels. Should we just take it as given that he's shirtless? If he can just reach Mary... Karla does some rhythmic stepping, waves her arms like she's going for an extra fast windmill pitch. Jonathan quicksteps and twirls and does a whole gymnastics routine.

After the commercial break, Caitlin kills the buzz with a downer routine of ballad ballet, but it's really well danced, with a cartwheel and flip thrown in at the end for good measure. Jason goes last with an even more boring Taking Back Sunday song, and he rolls around on the stage, and meanwhile he's dressed like he's going to a clambake at the beach tonight.

Cat sends the judges off, and then she introduces the Veronicas, who I thought I heard of, until I realized I was thinking of the Donnas. Wow, what a great idea for a dance show: a band that just stands yelling into its microphones. Oh, wait, now they're walking towards the stage, and then there are the usual backup dancers who are thrown in to make it seem like this band has any business being there. God, how long is this song? Da da da da, dadadada...

Finally, the Veronicas shut up, and we go into a commercial break, and when we come back, the women are lined up on stage. Nigel asks Caitlin to step forward, and tells her she is without doubt growing in confidence every week. They thought she gave the best solo tonight, and so she can go and sit down. She goes from miserable to relieved very quickly. Karla steps forward, and Nigel says she seemed somewhat desperate tonight; she was falling off her pirouettes, and just in general didn't have a great solo. As for Asuka, she's a great dancer and beautiful, and she gives a little something of herself, but they do feel like she's not growing. "Consequently, it is you who will be leaving us this evening." Cat consoles her, and says she can never wait to see what Asuka's wearing next. Well, she's going to have to wait a while now, won't she? Asuka says she's going to miss Vitolio most of all.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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