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Speaking of Vitolio, he and the other men are on stage. Nigel says that the judges, unlike with the women, were not unanimous. He asks Vitolio to step forward, and says Vitolio always show a lot of promise, but then he doesn't always deliver. "You cannot hold back in the position that you find yourself in week after week, that is in the bottom three. You have to deliver." Vitolio steps back and Jonathan steps forward. Nigel says Jonathan had a wonderful week last week, but last night wasn't good. His solo tonight: the gymnastics were outstanding, but they want him to be America's favorite dancer, but he's not sure Jonathan's brought the dancing that's required for that. Jason steps forward. Nigel says his solo wasn't strong enough, that it would look like he was going to do seven pirouettes, and then he did one. Nigel thinks the solo wouldn't have been enough, had he been up against better competition, but as it is, he's safe. Nigel says neither of them are really strong enough to continue, and if the person who survives this week is in the bottom three again next week, that'll be it for them. And that person is Vitolio; Jonathan's gone, which Nigel acknowledges will break a lot of hearts. So Jonathan gets the not-exactly-a-bad-deal consolation prize of a hug from Cat, and during the retrospective, my DVR cut off. So I'm just going to pretend that Jonathan made a speech like Al Pacino in Scarface: "Say goodnight to the bad guy!"

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So You Think You Can Dance




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