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Hip Hop and You Do Stop

After the commercial break, Karla leaps and sticks her legs up really high in the air, some kind of mixture of sedation and energy. Jonathan flips and cartwheels like a circus performer before going into some Latin shimmy and another flip. Cat sends the judges backstage to deliberate. "We'll go 'tweet' back there!" says Nigel. Hee!

Luckily for them, this means they get to miss Sean Kingston, who Cat tells me has the hit single of the summer, which is, near as I can tell, Tubby Guy in Red Leather Grunting Into a Microphone. I can see why this is so popular! Kingston's got some great choreography, like the time where he orders people to put their hands up, and then the other time where he puts his own hands up. The commercial break can't come fast enough. Couldn't they have lined up some more dancers? Sean can barely walk across the stage.

After the break, Cat's got the dancers lined up on stage, and they start with the girls. Nigel says they're unanimous in their decision. He asks Karla to step forward, and says she was good tonight; her solo was good, although he advises her to remember that dance is more than a series of steps, and she needs to bring more personality. But she did enough to save herself tonight. Then Nigel tells the other two that it's not just about tonight, but everything they've done, as well as what other dancers are there and the styles they can perform. So after talking about what a star Asuka is and her Latin ballroom talent, it's pretty clear to everyone (including Paris) that there's already plenty of contemporary dancers at the table, and she's going home.

So it's down to the guys. Nigel says that again they're in total agreement. He says they didn't feel that any of the three of them danced particularly well tonight to keep them in the competition. He tells Vitolio that tonight and last night they haven't seen the personality yet from him that they know he has. But he'll have a chance to get it back; he's safe. As for Jonathan and Tony, Nigel says he's kind of surprised, since both of them danced their styles last night, although not particularly well. Tonight, Tony did some locking, but not very well. And Jonathan's dancing wasn't great, but his gymnastics were, so they looked at everything the two have done so far, and that means they're keeping .... (Nigel drags it out) ... Jonathan.

So let's chalk one up to Tabitha and Napoleon. Blood on your hands! On your manicured, lily-white hands!

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So You Think You Can Dance




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