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Previously, there was VEGAS! 152 dancers where whittled down quite a bit, through solos, hip-hop, and Latin ballroom. Noses were broken. Legacy was a dickface. Dancers we had made strong emotional connections to got eliminated like criz-azy. Fare thee well, New Orleans bouncer (aw!), Ryan Kasprzak (yay!), and John Litzler (next year, God damn it!). But we've still got Bianca "Tap Battle" Revels! And Ryan "Sweet Jesus, With the Shoulders" DiLello! And... others, I'm sure!

And you guys? When I tell you we start off running, you better believe we start off running. LaurieAnn Gibson just appears on the TV screen all at once, like the Marlboro Banshee in stories of old. She takes the 77 remaining dancers through the paces of a jazz routine, and as you can imagine, she is scary as fuck. How scary? Iveta Derevko is scared of her. Shit, man. Hilariously, one of the dancers is giving an on-the-fly to the camera, and we cut to LaurieAnn looking to stage right. "You talking?" she says. The kid pushes the camera away and goes, "She's coming, go away." She flips out on some kid for having "the audacity" to ask the "ridiculous" question of which side of his partner to stand on. Look, I understand she's a total cartoon character. But come on. It's a pretty amazing cartoon.

Karen Hauer, one half of the husband-and-wife ballroom dancers, is in the first group. She starts off pretty sharp but loses steam by the end. She's in, but Nigel shoots her the "ehhhh" wavering hand motion. Her husband, Matthew, is in the next group, and he just can't keep up. Like, comically so. He's out. Karen looks sadder than he does.

Back on the stage, there is blood on the dance floor from this jazz routine. And for the first time in three episodes, I don't mean that literally. Everyone looks a mess, and Nigel stops the whole group to call them out. Including Iveta! Oh no! And she gets CUT! Damn it. So many Alias jokes left unsaid. Also gone is same-sex ballroom guy Willem. Basically, Vegas has become one great long whittling of everybody you thought you remembered so far.

Mollee Gray (impossibly perky blonde whose family moved to L.A. from Utah) and Billy Bell (who got his nose bloodied last week, but also whose audition gave me flashes of Travis Wall) are in the next group, as well as Russell Ferguson, the krumper who partnered so well with Iveta last week. The way things are going, they'll all be gone in three minutes. Adam raves about Billy and Mollee, despite how they look like "children" (they do). Russell seems to have the motion down but not the timing. After deliberation, Nigel instructs Mollee to dance like a woman rather than a girl. Nigel then calls Russell forward and asks what kind of training he's had (none). Just when I think they're going to give him the "you're out, but good for you speech," Nigel and Adam both say how knocked out they've been so far. "Keep up the good work." The whole group makes it to the next round.

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