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But wait! Mollee hurt her foot. And in explaining how she plans to dance through the injury, she comes across as not only a perk-crazed child, but perhaps a developmentally disabled perk-crazed child. That'll wear thin. That HAS worn thin. She tells Cat she plans to keep the injury hidden from the judges, but as her foot worsens, she needs medical attention. Suspense!

After the break, Cat gathers the 69 remaining dancers and says they'll now be divided into groups, where they will choreograph and perform their own routine. A rehearsal montage of tired, punchy, haggard dancers follows. "As the evening goes on," Cat intones ominously, "the tension builds." Look, is somebody gonna call Legacy an asshole or not?

I guess not, because suddenly it's morning. Russell's group is first to perform. He's been paired with four contemporary dancers, including Jacob Karr. Their music (chosen randomly) is a Broadway number. They apparently rehearsed so efficiently that they were done by 11 last night. The good night's sleep apparently did them well, as the judges (Tyce especially) seem impressed. "Inventive and creative, says Nigel." They all make it through.

Next, a montage o' groups. Successful (Mia loves Billy Bell's group's powerful contemporary) and not so successful (Debbie Allen says one group is "dreadful and uncomfortable to watch"). Mollee's group is up last. Only she was at the hospital when groups are picked, so her group has to decide whether to choreograph without her (in which case, if she returns, they'd need to start over again) or wait for her (in which case, if she has to withdraw, they've wasted all that time). The opt for the former, and Mollee returns two hours into rehearsal with a sprained foot, but one she intends to work through. But the group has designed a routine where it seems she's seated in a chair for the bulk of the time. Mollee resents such "babying" (and, more importantly, thinks the judges will nail her for it). So they reconceptualize and are generally a mess. The routine itself is themed on Mollee's injury and doesn't feature a whole lot of actual dancing, from anyone. Mia scrunches up her face midway through, telling you all you need to know. When they're done, Mia says it was "stupid," and though it's not in the way she usually means "stupid" (i.e. AMAZING), she keeps a sympathetic edge to her voice. Nigel points out the lack of dance, but then passes the group through for... reasons we're not given. I'm glad these kids are being judged on composite, but some reasoning would be nice.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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