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After the break, it's time for Mia's routine. And -- awesome -- they score a montage of past intimidating Mia highlights (don't give her empty steps!) to the Halloween theme. I bet they had to pay for that, too; I'm impressed. But as Cat tells us, it looks like a kinder, gentler, say-a-prayer-to-your-soul-ier Mia than we've seen in the past. She still puts them through some rigorous paces, though. And man, I know I'm an easy mark for contemporary as it is, but watching fifty dancers move their bodies they way contemporary dancers move, all at once, is kind of breathtaking.

Hip-hopper Kevin Hunt is in the first group. He made it to the final day of Vegas week in Season 3. Nigel is practically squealing at his improvement while they dance. Mia repeatedly enthuses that she can't get over his technique. So Kevin's in. He kind of looks like Vitolio in the face there. Hopefully a better dancer, though.

In the montage of successful contempos, we see the familiar-faced trio of Russell Ferguson, Billy Bell, and Mollee all advance. Okay, given the screen time, they HAVE to make Top 20, right?

And in true drama queen fashion, here's goddamn Legacy, in the very last group. Cat notes that Legacy struggled in the rehearsals, but we're reminded that Nigel loves his (overvalued and dated) b-boy skills. Mid-rehearsal, Legacy interviews that his technique isn't as good as the others, but his "heart" is apparently too enormous to be denied. And now he's crying? Of course. Now he's crying. Onstage, he goes shirtless (this is no time to leave any weapons behind). He actually doesn't seem too bad, but ironically, he seems to be short on energy -- you might even say HEART. Hmm. Called to the front, he tears up and says the routine "changed something inside of me." Okay, now I hope he does make it to Top 20, because even though I hate him (...don't I?), this kind of drama-conjuring was sorely needed last season. He wipes away tears -- allowing us a glimpse of his Kabbalah string -- and tells Mia she made him want to study contemporary. Kid, flattery like that will get you everywhere, you're in! "You're perfectly imperfect," says Mia. You know, maybe it's the Stockholm Syndrome talking, but I kind of understand that.

Hilarious and deeply awesome montage of everybody in Las Vegas breaking down in heaping sobs, of joy and sadness, after the contemporary round. You guys, picture my soul during all the really great Mia routines throughout the years -- it's this. All this. Skinny gay boys and happy suburban girls and amazingly versatile krumpers all weeping in unison.

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