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Montage o' Success: It looks like Kevin the hip-hopper and barely-legal Nathan Trasoras, among others, impress the judges. I guess we assume they advanced? Dominic Pearson, who was injured in Vegas in Season 4, has been doing quite well this time around. He seems enthusiastic but not irritating, which is a good balance for a dancer to have. His group dances, but Tyce seems displeased. "He's not on it," observes Mia. At the end of the routine, Dominic flails at the edge of the stage and "falls" off. A little ham-and-cheese but the judges seem to appreciate it. It's the dancing that was lacking -- he's out. Dominic proceeds to break the fuck down, and Debbie needs to put on her best Claire Huxtable to tell him to pull it together. Nigel straight-up tells him to quit crying and toughen up. I do like that about this show -- they're not afraid to nip TV-friendly but off-putting behaviors in the bud.

Six more guys get cut, including Silky, a tapper I remember loving last season.

After the break, we're back to Pauline and her ankle. She's gonna wait some more, as the remaining dancers (40 now, I think?) take the stage for one final solo. They won't get critiqued, but it's the last bit of info before next week, when the judges choose the Top 20. Billy Bell is first, and I remain very impressed by the way he moves, with speed and precision and great feeling. He moves Adam to tears, which is not entirely rare but still amazing to see. You guys. Dancers. It's like God took all the excess emotion the rest of us decline to show at any given moment, collected it together, and stuffed it into every dancer's body until it started peeking out their limbs and eyeballs.

After Billy, the montage of solos comes fast and furious. Familiar faces still alive. Russell, our krumping phenom. Karen the hubby-less wife. Ryan DiLello and his Community Chest (hey, it does seem to be for everyone) who does an impressive leaping split. Barely-legal Nathan. Jacob Karr (I think). Ashley DiLello. Legacy, who I might like now, damn it. And some girl who's so good, Mia throws her pen at her.

Next week! Top 20 selected! You guys! Please let Bianca and Ryan and Russell and Billy and Nathan and (look over there!) Legacy make it!

Joe R thinks he's got a fighting chance at actually recognizing some of the Top 20 this season. He's accepting dinner invitations from Adam Shankman at

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