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Who Are the Top 20?

Tonight we'll be announcing the top 20! On one hand, that's pretty exciting, because it means we're transitioning from the audition shows into the actual, y'know, show. On the other hand, I have a dark suspicion that tonight's show will be all flashbacks, occasionally interspersed with the name of a dancer who gets in. Let's find out!

First of all, the title of "Vegas Callbacks #3" is a blatant lie, because we're apparently in Hollywood. There are 38 dancers to pick from. People will walk in slow motion! Tears will be shed! Groovy new opening credits sequences will be watched! Let's do this!

Contestants sit on folding chairs in what we're told is backstage. But since we haven't seen the front of the stage yet, it's kind of a hollow claim. The judges are Nigel, Mary, Adam, Debbie, Mia, and Tyce. Mia has shaved her head, which is probably why they're not just pretending this is taking place right after the last Vegas episode. We're told that the dancers will be moved one by one from the "holding room" to "the small room on the side of our studio," then to the stage where they will be told if they're in our out. Then they'll probably cry, either way.

Cat appears to the nervous dancers and grabs Nathan, the guy who auditioned for season 5 but was under the age limit. He believes that since he's just turned 18, this is his time to shine. Mia tells him he's just a baby, and that they want to be part of his growth. Top 20!

The next few dancers don't make it. Adam Shankman is good at delivering bad news without making it sounding personal. So is Debbie Allen. Even Tyce is being nice for once, telling one dancer to "please continue on your shining journey."

The next dancer who gets personalized service is David (pronounced da-VEED) the mostly-naked ballet dancer from Los Angeles. He's clothed now, I mean. Mary tells him they all adore him, but he doesn't make it. The other dancers backstage look shocked when he tells them the news.

Footage from the Los Angeles auditions reminds us that Kathryn McCormack has a family that she moved away from. She warns us that she's going to cry and have a really high voice. And her prophecy comes true immediately! And then again when talking to Cat, and again on stage! I feel kind of bad at laughing at the way her face gets red and her voice gets squeaky at a moment's notice. I don't feel so bad about it that I don't do it, though. Ha ha! You have emotions! Anyway, she feels blessed to be here. And Mia tells her to open up her arms and receive it. "It" in this case is "the top 20".

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