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Who Are the Top 20?

But there are more tappers here. Phillip is one. He apparently ticked off Tyce in Las Vegas. Either that or Tyce had a rant about being a star already pre-written. Nigel complains that Phillip can't take criticism, and Mia tells him not to be closed off. While this is going on, Peter (the third tapper) is in the back chatting with Cat. Phillip is in! Now it's Peter's turn. Mary wants to talk about his journey. His first Vegas solo got three "no" votes and didn't get very good reviews throughout the Vegas auditions. Mary tells him that two tappers are already in, and blah blah blah he's in! The judges shriek about how there are three tap dancers in the top 20. Bianca freaks out again.

There is another assortment of sad dancers not making it. One of them has a beautiful spirit, according to Mia. Now it's time for Victor, the guy who shaved off his mohawk in Las Vegas. Adam's voice cracks as he tells Victor that things don't always work out so well. "Fortunately, it worked out very well for you, because you're gonna be in our Top 20!" Adam's better at that move than Mary.

Another contemporary dancer, Jakob, also gets in.

Noelle and Mollee continue to stress out, saying there are only five slots left. This appears to be true, since we've seen Channing, Kathryn, Ariana, Ellenore, and Bianca get in. They don't want to be sent up as a pair, since that means DOOM for one of them. Cat walks past them, pretending to be looking for the next victim, but then she spins around and taps Mollee. She's up! Noelle stresses out backstage, rooting so very hard for Mollee. Nigel tells Mollee that she dances "between a fourteen- and a fifteen-year-old," but that she should be dancing as a twenty-year-old. "That is why people have said on this panel have said 'No,' we don't think you should be in the top 20. So, no... we're not going to listen to them, we're going to put you in the top 20!" That's a little tortured, isn't it? Mollee is delighted! And Noelle is happy for her!

Coming up: a twist! Do you think they mean the dance? Because that's not that hard a dance, really.

Soon it will be Noelle, who claims to have wanted this since she was three years old. I think she means "being a professional dancer", not being specifically on this show. Her family is proud of her no matter what, which makes her cry.

But first, Pauline, the girl whose ankle swelled up like a tennis ball during the Broadway round. Adam tells her that even without the final Broadway number and solo, they already know who good she is and that she's in the top 20.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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