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Who Are the Top 20?

Now it's Noelle's turn. Tyce recaps her being cut in the Broadway segment of season 5. She's trembling with nerves. Then she makes it! Mollee is happy for her! They squeal about how they're best friends!

Some more people don't make it, including Front Row Cornrow Guy, who seemed like a decent guy.

Legacy the B-Boy is up now. Mary says, "Any other year, you woulda just went right into the top 20", and he's also in this year. I don't find her that convincing, but it seems to work on Legacy. Actually, it baffles him, and the judges have to verify that yes, he's in. See, that's the risk you take when you get complicated.

All right! There are three women remaining and two slots left. Paula, who looks vaguely familiar (she did this one move where she stood up by rolling up over the tops of her feet and up over her toes, which doesn't even look possible), is up, and she's put right through. Because it's more fun to have two dancers and one slot left. Also because she's good, of course.

So that's nine men and nine women in. Or so we're told; I think I only got fifteen of the names. Anyway, there are two of each remaining. But there will be a mind-blowing twist!

Two of the remaining dancers are Ryan and Ashleigh, who are married. That's a hook! Ryan has been more popular with the judges, but Ashleigh started to come on toward the end.

First up: both remaining guys. Along with Ryan is Dean, the guy who ripped his shirt off in Boston. Mary has the duty of giving the news to them, and Ryan goes through.

The woman up against Ashleigh for the last slot is Karen, who auditioned in Boston. Nigel asks if they've done the math, which seems silly. They're the last two people in the room! How much math does that take? Nigel tells Karen that she's in. Standing backstage, Ryan congratulates Karen although he looks devastated. Then, finally, Ashleigh comes through the curtain and announces that she, too, is in. What?

Flashback to the stage! Nigel reveals that Paula turned them down! Wow! Flashback-within-a-flashback! Paula is in tears as she tells the judges that she just accepted a role in a movie, so she can't accept. So Ashleigh's in after all! That was the very rare reality-show twist that didn't rely on crushing someone's dreams! Neat!

The top 20 are set! They are: Channing (contemporary), Nathan (contemporary), Russell (krump), Kathryn (contemporary), Billy (contemporary), Ariana (contemporary), Ellenore (jazz), Jakob (contemporary), Bianca (tap), Kevin (hip-hop), Mollee (jazz), Phillip (tap), Noelle (contemporary), Victor (contemporary), Pauline (jazz), Peter (tap), Karen (ballroom), Legacy (B-Boy), Ashleigh (ballroom), and Ryan (ballroom).

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So You Think You Can Dance




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