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Hey, we're already in Las Vegas! This season's just humming along, isn't it? Before you know it, we'll have our top ten, and then it's time to start forming irrational attachments and hatreds. Can't wait!

Oh, and before we get too far into this, I should mention that the version of "Summertime" two episodes ago was by Janis Joplin, not Macy Gray. Sorry about that.

The first round is Broadway, which apparently worries Ida, who Tyce made that "WOW" sign for. She didn't do well in hip hop or ballroom so she was given an ultimatum. And rather than take the chance of stinking up Broadway, she's decided that her college commitments are more important.

The Broadway routine is described as "powerful, athletic, and stylized" by the choreographer, who is, of course, Tyce DiOrio. If you ask me, Tyce's Broadway routines are very 1950s. You wouldn't see this sort of thing in a modern Broadway show. We spotlight Adrian and Lauren, who inspire much gushing from the judges. Li'l C debuts the word "superbucc" I feel like a fool listing who gets through each round here, you know?

Then Ida has to go up on stage to tell the judge that she's withdrawing because she's getting a scholarship. Nigel is furious that she got a free ticket to Las Vegas and then quit as soon as she got some negative feedback. She tries to spin it as not wanting to take up someone's spot, and they call her a liar. Nigel wishes her good luck, but he doesn't mean it. So Ida's gone. And so are ten dancers who I have trouble telling apart at this point. There's just so many of them!

We're at 47 dancers, which are broken into groups of five or six to end the night. They each get a random CD and then they have to stay up all night choreographing a routine to their song. I always enjoy this phase, because you get to see people taking over random hallways in the middle of the night. And exhausted dancers can get pretty mean to each other. On the other hand, this isn't a choreography competition, so it's a little gratuitous.

We didn't get much footage of the rehearsing, though. That's a shame, because it means they all got along. The meltdowns are half the fun.

Group one (Anthony Burrell, Giselle Peacock, and Lauren Froderman. And two other people) does their thing to "I Wanna Know What Love Is" and features a lot of twirling and impassioned reaching. And shoulder-rolling. Mary claims that it felt organic, and Nigel loves all of them. They get a pass and all flee to the pool. Group two features tapper Melinda and Marco, Ariel, Robert, Chris, and Kadija. They all have different styles. Their rehearsals apparently involved a lot of power struggles, especially between Kadija and Scott. They were the last group still working at 3:30, and they appear to still be working out what they want to do. Their dance is terrible. They're not in sync with each other or the music, and you can see Mary cringing in anticipation of what she's going to have to say to them. She goes with "I'm not inspired". Kadija passes, and Scott barely does as well. So does everyone else. Pool time!

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