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So that's it for the Vegas cuts. The dancers will be doing solos, then the judges will deliberate. But first! Grover Dale, who is a choreography legend, is going to them a pep talk. He tells them about making things their own and flying with it and then works them through a routine. Everyone seems very reverent about how awesome he is.

Solos! Lauren Froderman does cool stuff. Adam leans back and beams about how much fun it is to watch her dance. She gets a standing ovation from Adam, Toni, and Tyce. There's a cavalcade of heartbreaking stories as we watch people flip and kick and headspin in slow motion.

Now we get weird and a little gimmicky. Okay, a lot gimmicky. The idea is that the twenty-four remaining dancers all go home. And then the judges confer and deliberate and stall for a couple months and go out to tell each of them, in person at their homes (or, apparently, via phone), whether they're in or out. And that's how we'll be filling the second hour.

Mary goes to visit Adrian Lee the Contemporary Dancer in San Diego. And Toni will be visiting Cristina Santana, who is also in San Diego. And there's Pepe!

Cristina Santana is visited by Toni, who runs one of the stupid fake-outs. "I'm really sorry, honey. I just have to let you know... you're not gonna be able to practice with Pepe because you're gonna be [rest of speech drowned out by cheers]." Does anyone enjoy the fake-outs? Just tell them whether they're in or not. And if you must do a swerve, at least try to make it make some sense.

Adrian Lee gets Mary Murphy. She talks to him about his journey, which we've already seen on the show, as well as having had it recapped in front of us in a segment I didn't bother writing down. Mary tells him that he isn't in the top five, but they want him to come back. Because they celebrate him. He vows that he'll be back, and Mary seems to feel bad about delivering the bad news in person.

Lexi Contursi gets a call from Nigel, who tells her she's not in the top five girls. Sorry, Lexi. Also cut: DJ Smart, Bridget Krause, Serge Ornick, and Anthony Kim.

Hey, you know what would make this dance show more fun? If this hour had some dancing in it.

Lauren Froderman gets a phone call (although the close-up on her phone says her ringer is off) from Nigel. I guess Nigel isn't going to fly to Phoenix for this. Oh, wait! He's outside her door right now. With her mail carrier. "Oh ... my gosh!" says Lauren, and I can understand where she's coming from. See, this swerve was fine. Everyone's delighted. Nigel tells her she was one of the best dancers in Vegas Week, repeats that they can't bring just contemporary girls. And they're slightly more likely to take older dancers who can't come back next year, and anyway she's obviously in. Good for her. Her family seems happy for her.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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