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Anthony Burrell lives in Harlem and gets a visit from Mia Michaels. This freaks him out a little, and I think that's perfectly understandable. He tells her that his big toe won't stop shaking. Mia tells him that he didn't make it in and begs him to come back next year. She recommends rising above the problems.

Tyce DiOrio dances in the Miami airport.

Ashley Galvan: Li'l C takes off from Los Angeles, and he appears to be driving his own car, unlike the other judges. When he gets there, he cheerfully messes with Ashley and her family, saying that everyone's desperate for him to just say the answer. "Unfortunately ... I have to tell you ... and your number one support system ... that you ... will not be around for the next couple months because you're gonna be on the show."

Kent Boyd has gotten a great deal of screen time, hasn't he? Nigel is on his way to Wapokaneta, but he stops off in a coffee shop to call Chris Cole and Katie Mewth, Missy Morelli, and Cheryl Smith and tell them that they're not making it. And I probably misspelled some or all of their names. Sorry!

Tyce has some Miami-based shenanigans.

Jose Ruiz is the only dancer with no formal training who's still in the competition. And you know there's no way they're going to skip that storyline. So when Tyce gets there, I'm not that surprised that Jose is in. Tyce tries for a swerve, but doesn't really put his heart into it.

Melinda Sullivan waits for Mia at the home of her (Melinda's) mentor, Harold Cromer. We see some footage from 1938's "Swing!" in which Harold taps up a storm. That is an awesome mentor. Mia tells Melinda that she was a little concerned about her ballroom and contemporary, but that there's something different about her. Melinda's in! And I think Mia wants to hang out with Harold, because ancient tap dancers are awesome.

Nigel drives through Ohio. He might be lost. I might not care.

Alex Wong gave up his position as Principal Soloist at the Miami City Ballet. That seems risky. Tyce shows up and pulls him away from his dance buddies and we don't see Alex get the news. But we do see him tell his buddies he's in. He tells them through the ancient art of jazz hands.

I am exceedingly tired of Nigel's insistence that he doesn't know how to pronounce "Wapokoneta". It's rude, for one thing. And it makes him look like an idiot.

Adechike Torbert is that guy who was almost cut but had a great solo. Mia shows up and is warned that it's both the Torbert residence and also a daycare. Adechike vows that he'll find positivity in the experience even if he doesn't make it. Mia tells him that everything he takes from the weekend is priceless and he agrees. They're on the same wavelength and Mia doesn't mess him around when she tells him he's in the top ten. Mia is a little emotional about being in such a family space just three weeks after she lost her mother.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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