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While Tyce is tooling around Miami, he stops by Jocelyn Orley's to break the news that she won't be in the top ten. She takes the news well.

There are two female dancers left, and we have four already. Mary goes to meet Alexie Agdeppa and Li'l C goes to meet Ryan Ramirez. There's a lot of filler before they get there to meet the dancers. Here's what we learn: Li'l C doesn't like his car and both Ryan and Alexie are nervous. Also they have nice houses. Li'l C points out that in a season with a Top 20 instead of a Top 10, the competition would already have started. Mary cries a little and makes Alexie promise to try out again if she doesn't make it -- then she shrieks "Well, you're not gonna have to!" So Ryan doesn't make it and I have to boldface Alexie Agdeppa.

Two spots left for the men. Adam is going to go meet Robert Rolden and Billy Bell, and Nigel is still wasting television time with his stupid, staged attempt to find Wapokaneta. We've seen him on 33, which goes right there. And I-75 is also Wapokaneta-adjacent. It cannot be that hard to find. If he flew into Cincinnati, he practically couldn't miss it. But the show thinks small towns are innately hilarious so we have to watch Nigel mispronouncing the name and driving past tiny general stores over and over.

Kent Boyd has a giant family. Nigel claims to have been driving for twelve hours, so he uses the bathroom before giving the news. I'm sick of Nigel at this point, so I'll just say that Kent's in.

The entire cast of the Alvin Ailey show waits in the lobby to hear about Robert and Billy. Adam's on crutches, but he gets up to tell Billy and Robert that there have been nine people selected already. We all know how Adam feels about Billy. Adam appears to have trouble saying it, but the fifth "guy spot" goes to Robert Rolden, who is freaked out and in disbelief. Billy is really happy for Robert, and Adam tells him how great he is. And here's the twist: they added a sixth guy. Billy Bell is also in! Good for him. The rest of the Alvin Ailey cast is really happy for both of them. That's a good sign, I think. It suggests they're not jerks if their coworkers like them, right?

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