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Cristina's next, dancing jazz with Mark Kanemura and choreographed by Sonya. I can't tell if this is incredibly fortuitous for Cristina or more like an invitation for her to be a third wheel. The theme of the dance is something to do with snakes, and the watchword for Cristina is "looser." The performance isn't bad, I'd say. Certainly for a ballroomer she's delivering Sonya's limber weirdness quite well. But the stiffness is still there, and the whole thing (on her part, at least) felt decidedly rehearsed. The judges eat it up, though, so what do I know?

Jose! Does yoga! Is paired with Comfort! On a NapTab hip-hop! After a silly bit of business with a fake movie trailer about werewolves or whatever (it's dumb), we come to the conclusion that Jose is going to have to learn to be scary in order for this to work. On stage, the routine begins with Jose and Comfort contorted so as to appear to be one creature, crawling across the stage. The routine features a lot of mirrored movement, and some smooth, sprightly stuff from Jose, including a head spin that seems to go on forever. Lots of energy in the routine -- the camera doesn't really know how to follow them. You guys, WHY do these episodes need to be live? Was it negatively affecting your viewing experience when they weren't? Isn't it cheaper to pre-tape anyway? Grr. Nigel makes a horrifying play-on-words about Jose bring a werewolf and starring in "True Hood." To his credit, he immediately realizes this was lame. Mia notes that Jose was stronger on the floor (i.e. breaking) than he was on his feet; needs to address that. Adam again says that he should be working on bigger, faster power moves. They generally liked it okay; I thought it was quite a bit better than that.

Adechike's unexpected secret is that he went to "the Fame school," where Tyce was once a student (of course he was) and was TERRIBLE. As Adechike gets a school administrator to attest! Bonus points for Adechike this week, guys. He gets paired with Kathryn on a jazz routine by wonderful Travis. And I love you, Trav, but: another sexy secretary fantasy? Kinda yawn. But somewhere between the lighting and the Florence + The Machine cover of "Addicted to Love," it presented as way less tawdry than that Ryan/Noelle number last season. Adechike sits at his desk and dreams of a girl like Kathryn sexing him up. The routine allows for great, graceful movements from Adechike, and Kathryn proves once again what a great partner she us. The judges manage to criticize the performance level, though I totally disagree. I think Adechike had it pretty well nailed down. Mia's pretty harsh and calls out the lack of sexual chemistry, and Nigel just plain didn't buy it.

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