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Ashley is the dancer I know least about, and her super secret that she can do crazy robot voices doesn't exactly make me want to know more. Plus she's partnered with Neil this week, that bitch. Tyce is choreographing contemporary this time, with the novel theme of "love." Huh. I actually really enjoyed this routine, and Ashley impressed me in it. She throws herself -- often literally -- into every movement, and her extensions really make you feel like she's longing for something. The judges are more pessimistic, saying Ashley was lacking (say it with me) emotion. It does lead to a super awkward moment where Nigel asks 19-year-old Ashley if she's ever been in love, expecting a "no" answer he can play off. But Ashley tears up and says "As a matter of fact, I think I am." FACE, Nigel! I really hope that helped scrounge up Ashley a couple thousand votes.

Robert is our last dancer, and while I love him and singled him out last week, I can never remember his name. His face does not present the same problem. His secret is that he once wanted to play pro baseball. Partnered with Courtney, Robert pulls African Jazz with Sean Cheesman. I'll say again that I think the lesser known styles are (usually -- ahem, Russian clogs) an advantage because the judges don't know exactly how it's supposed to look, so they have less of a critical eye. Not that it mattered here, I don't think. Robert and Courtney are perfectly matched and really impressive. Robert is sharp, strong, slinky, and sinewy, and if there were more complimentary "s" adjectives I'd use those too. Nigel calls him a dark horse in the competition (called it!) and generally commends the boys for being way better than the girls so far (truth). Mia just wants to devour him, which is like the Mia Michaels seal of approval. And Adam calls Robert one of the best contemporary dancers on the show ever. Robert's mind? BLOWN.

Rundown! In order of my preference:

Robert and Courtney's African Jazz
Alex and Allison's Contemporary
Kent and Anya's Cha-Cha
Jose and Comfort's Hip-Hop
Ashley and Neil's Contemporary
Billy and Lauren's Broadway
Adechike and Kathryn's Jazz
Alexie and Twitch's Hip-Hop
Lauren and Ade's Jazz
Cristina and Mark's Jazz
Melinda and Pasha's Jive

One person goes home tomorrow. Monty will be there to get you through it.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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