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Drivin' Your Green With My Three-Iron of Love

FlashIraq! Omar leads Sayid down some stairs to an interrogation room, while they discuss arcane details of a prisoner's arrest that are totally irrelevant to the story as a whole. The point is, there was a bombing, and Sayid is supposed to figure out what this woman had to do with it. When he enters the interrogation room, he is immediately told by the prisoner that her name is Nadia, and it turns out they know each other; as children, they attended the same school, and Nadia claims she used to push Sayid into the mud. My first grade class had no Sayids and no Nadias but it did have two Kellys: Kelly R. and Kelly S. Kelly R. was beautiful, elegant, and unattainable. Kelly S. was cute, tomboyish, and rambunctious. I was in love with Kelly R., but every day at recess Kelly S. would chase me around the playground, shoving me to the ground and just fucking whaling on me. I don't recall exactly what I said when my mom told me this meant Kelly S. liked me, but I bet it included the word "grody." Anyways, they chit-chat about the past: Nadia was rich, Sayid older than his years, blah blah strained-formality-cakes. Sayid threatens to hurt Nadia if she doesn't tell him what she knows about the bombing, but she tells him this is not her first interrogation. "This is where they burned me with acid," she says, and also points out the (grody!) holes in her hands. Sayid, shaken, tells her that this bombing is a different matter, and she needs to tell him what she knows. She refuses and says, "Do your work."

Back in the State of Nature. Rousseau demands to know more about Nadia. I hope that as the episode progresses, we'll get a little more out of this character than a) vomiting out gobbledygook and b) drilling Sayid for information we will receive in flashback anyway. Sayid asks who Alex is.

Caves I Named Something Last Week But I Can't Remember What. Walt's bored, but Mercutio's busy and tells his son to entertain himself. Meanwhile, Hurley's searching for something in one of the new suitcases, and, once he finds it, rushes off past a surprised Jack. When asked what he's doing, Hurley giggles like someone my grandfather would have called "a damn fool."

The State of Nature. Rousseau still seems to think Sayid is misrepresenting himself in some way, asking why he's alone if he's among the survivors of a plane crash. He explains that he left the other castaways because of something he did. "And Nadia?" asks Rousseau. "She wasn't on the plane," Sayid replies. Then he actually does misrepresent: "She's dead," he says -- which isn't necessarily true, we later find out -- "because of me" -- when in fact we'll later find out the opposite is true. If she is alive, it's because of what Sayid did. So Sayid's also haunted, eh? I don't even know why they bother writing these torture scenes, since it seems like every frigging character on this show is constantly torturing himself anyway. By the way, Rousseau sure has Aragorn hair. She could use some conditioner. She approaches Sayid and says, "I'm so sorry." Then she says she wants to show him something.

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