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Drivin' Your Green With My Three-Iron of Love

The State of Nature. Sayid wakes with a start to find himself untied. Rousseau tells him she had to use a sedative to safely untie him, which makes basically no sense at all, so let's move on. She asks Sayid why he offered to fix the music box even after all she did to him. Uh, to get you to untie his hands, lady. Sayid says he'll do it if she tells him her first name; she says it's Danielle. As Gregg Easterbrook (and >Daniel) would say, tastefully named. She says she was on a science team. "Was Robert on the team?" Sayid asks, and she says he was. "And Alex?" Rousseau pointedly doesn't answer. Apparently her boat was three days out of Tahiti when everything went to shit and the ship ran aground in a storm. The team made camp for two months, before -- and then Sayid interrupts her, asking what she meant in her distress signal when she said, "It killed them all." "We were coming back from the black rock," she says. "It was them. They were the carriers." Sayid is all, "Please offer me more context clues so that I can understand the peculiar details of your tale." Just kidding! He just shouts, "Who were the carriers?!?" Rousseau says she hasn't seen other people on the island, but she can hear them in the jungle. "They whisper," she says. Sayid gives a look that makes me laugh out loud, because it so clearly conveys the sentiment, "Oh, I get it. This woman is nuttier than my shit 18-36 hours after I eat something with nuts in it." Rousseau sees it too. "You think I'm insane," she says. "I think you've been alone for too long," he replies.

Time for another short break! Too bad the only thing on another channel right now is some movie with Laura Dern and Raul Julia where she spends like forever talking about the torture she went through at the hands of some Latin American soldiers. Boy, does she have bad hair in this movie, which it turns out is called Down Came a Blackbird, and was Raul Julia's final film -- he died six days after filming ended. So really a downer on every level. Twenty minutes left! I'm not counting time spent watching this movie in my total, by the way. Screw you if you think I'm cheating.

FlashIraq! Sayid has smuggled some bread to Nadia in her cell, and tries to get her to identify suspects in custody for the bombing. If she identifies someone, he says, he can convince his superiors to free her. "Then I won't have these visits to look forward to anymore," she retorts. "This is not a game," he says. She shakes her head and replies, "Yet you keep playing it, Sayid." This was a nice scene.

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