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How I Pimped Your (Grand)Mother

Jax rolls over to the room, takes in Clay standing vigil over Gemma, then coldly asks, "What happened? Were you drunk?" Gemma can't even look at Jax, so Clay smoothly lies that the "guys in a van" came after her and ran her off the road. Jax switches to being concerned, then asked if Gemma got a look at her assailants. Gemma can truthfully say she did not. Jax instantly switches into solicitous son mode, assuring Gemma that the boys are okay and saying that this whole incident is his fault. To Gemma's credit, she protests that assessment vigorously. Clay, who is standing in the door, is all, "...Yes. Be distracted. Overthink this. And soon, it will all be mine again!" The bikers whom I have begun to think of as the "senior bikers" -- Chibs, Tig and Bobby -- come in to verify that Gemma's alive and well, and Chibs gallantly blows her a kiss before they all stomp off again.

Out in the hall, Clay trots out the misdirection ploy again: "Only one guy we know gets off on dead kids." A quick shot to Tig, but it is worth noting here that Clay's the one who began killing gangsters' children first. Anyway, everyone is all, "Yes, let's all go meet with Pope and accuse the millionaire Bay Area developer-cum-drug lord of having nothing better to do with his time than repeatedly try to kill us, then deny it." And honestly, at this point, if I were Damon Pope and some hairy unwashed biker looked at me from beneath the Neanderthal ledge of his beetled brows and mumbled for the umpteenth time about how every black person in California is surely on Pope's payroll and therefore out to kill bikers, I'd be all, "You want me to kill you and your friends that badly? GAME ON." And then I'd hire Aryans to do it, just to mess with SAMCRO's collective head.

Having checked "undermine the incredibly lucrative business arrangement Jax made" off his daily to-do list, Clay goes back into Gemma's hotel room to remind her that everything he does, he does for Gemma. Then he kisses Gemma's hand and heads out to leave her sitting in the hospital bed.

And now Roosevelt's joined the party in the hospital. Clay stands up and says, "The club owes you an apology." "For killing my wife?" Roosevelt asks. Haaa, no -- if Clay began apologizing for all the wives his schemes had dispatched, this would be a two hour episode. No, Clay's apologizing for "being careless about vetting new members." Roosevelt shrugs, "They were white, racist and violent. That fits all the requirements, right?" Clay shrugs all, Well, duh, then asks what Roosevelt needs from the club. "Detectives will want to talk to you all about the nomads, and they'll need any records that you have on them." Bobby's about to throw some static at Roosevelt, but Juice leaps up with the Manga Panic eyes and says he'll pull what the club has.

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