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How I Pimped Your (Grand)Mother

Roosevelt uses the opportunity to pull Juice aside and press him for information on Frankie Diamonds. Juice correctly inquires, "Who do you think I am? I don't know shit, man." Roosevelt just pins the younger man with the bleak, pitiless stare of a man who's lost his world. Then he says casually, "You seem a little nervous. I bet you Clay's real curious about our private conversation. Our blood bond that we share." Juice's eyes grow so large, they're going to give that creature with the grapefruit-sized eyeballs a run for its ocular majesty. He says, "You're going to get me killed." "That concern left me when I watched my wife die," Roosevelt says. He walks off, leaving Juice feeling squeezed.

A busy train yard in "Oakland," where Damon Pope is patiently explaining for the umpteenth time that if he really wanted to kill Jax and friends, they'd be dead already. (Also, as someone who lives but an estuary away from the Oakland docks, it cracks me up whenever we get these establishing shots, because those hills in the background are Palos Verdes and the guys are so obviously at Long Beach.) Also, we can tell this show is clearly in the realm of the fictional because Pope is waxing rhapsodic on how he's going to develop his new parcel of waterfront property as affordable multi-family housing. Then he tells Jax to stop sending him hands. Jax defends his decision with the kind of rhetoric normally only found among callers-in to right wing radio, and Pope asks Jax to be smart: "Someone wants you dead and hired a black guy to do it. Unemployment's crushing the 'hood. Brothers need work." Then Pope moves the plot forward by having information on dead handless Charles' associates, one of whom is sure to be the second shooter and therefore a valuable source of information. Jax is listening (to his credit) and thinks aloud to Pope about how he's trying to eliminate all possible doubts before going after an inside guy. "Maybe I should get me one of those goon squads," he snots, and Pope smiles indulgently: "Stay close, Jax. You won't need one."

Back at the hospital, Chuckie is engaged in the gentle art of flower arrangement, and as a bonus, he gets to freak out Nero when Nero comes to visit. (Gemma fills in on how Chuckie lost his digits, and Nero just nods all, I would expect nothing less from the Chinese mob.) Anyway, he pets Gemma and she folds under the sympathy, admitting, "I was stoned driving those kids. I thought I'd be okay -- I drive high all the time. And I-I didn't want to miss my chance to be with them." Nero tells her it's okay, but Gemma says that no, it really isn't. Not because driving while impaired is a monstrously selfish thing to do, but because Clay lied for her, and if Jax and Tara find out, they'll never forgive her. Nero says, "That'll come back, Gemma. You know how that shit works -- you gotta get in front of it. You tell them the truth. You tell them the truth!" Naturally, before Gemma can consider this healthy, mature and well-adjusted advice, Clay returns.

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