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How I Pimped Your (Grand)Mother

Despite kneeling on the floor with his hands behind his head, Jax is every inch the chilly king as he asks, "How do you think this ends for you?" Frankie blusters that "None of this was my idea, kid. Clay promised us shit he couldn't deliver!" Jax can barely hide his smile as he gets Frankie to confirm that yes, Clay was behind the break-ins, and he was hoping that his scheme would get the gavel back in his gnarled knuckles. However, Frankie disclaims any knowledge of any attempt on Gemma or the kids. Sitting over the corner, Nero does not pipe up, "That's because there wasn't one."

Anyway, Frankie leaves, but not without taking Chibs as a hostage and shooting Lyla in the thigh for good measure. (The wound will keep everyone distracted as he makes his escape.) We next see Lyla gently bleeding all over a red sofa while Bobby Elvis applies direct pressure. Lyla asks, "Is [Frankie] going to kill Chibs?" Bobby Elvis reassuringly lies, "Nah, he'll probably just let him out when he gets far enough away." Nero comes in and says there's a doctor on the way -- a client, so there's no worries about the police getting involved. Poor Lyla. I wonder how this will affect her career: Do porn consumers consider visible bullet scars a liability or is she about to get a whole new fanbase? This show raises so many more questions than it answers.

Then Jax has to go have a version of the "I'm so disappointed in you, son" talk from his new dad Nero:

NERO: You remember what you promised?
JAX: I know. I'm sorry this shit landed here.
NERO: We ain't even open yet and I got an employee with a bullet in her leg.
JAX: I know. I'm going to handle it.
NERO: How you gonna handle it? More bullets?
JAX: Come on, man. It's a club problem.
NERO: No, no -- it's your problem. And now it's my problem. That's the way this whole partner thing works, man.
JAX: I got it. And I'm telling you it's not going to happen again, okay?
NERO: But we both know that's a lie, right?
JAX: So what, what you saying, man? You want out?
NERO: Yeah, I do. That's why we got into this, remember? You've got a beautiful wife, you got two healthy kids -- you need to accelerate the endgame, Jax. Get away from all the shit that's trying to kill you!
JAX: I know! I know what I have to do.
NERO: And what about the rest of them. Because if Clay set these guys in motion, brother on brother ... shit, mano, you ain't got no trust to lean on.

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Sons of Anarchy




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