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Reach Out and Touch a Con
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Previously on Sons of Anarchy... I could tell you but really, let me start this recap with some caveats: this episode aired right after the election returns came in and I had spent the evening flipping between PBS, CNN, Fox News and Comedy Central AND experimenting with the ratio of vodka-to-cranberry juice in my glass. So the whole thing is kind of a blur and five days later, it still hasn't come into focus, mostly because the minute I recovered from invading the Russian section of our liquor cabinet, my daughter came down with some vile malady, because she is now two and all toddlers double as petri dishes for exotic new viruses that may well kill us all. So let's just settle this question and move on: Did I or did I not imagine Joe Biden being sworn in as the newest Son?

Anyway, this episode begins with a shocker: Abel speaks! Actual words! Noises! Out of his little mouth! He's standing next to the cot that Jax is sacked out on, poking Jax's shoulder and saying, "Daddy! Daddy, wake up!" Jax is delighted to be awoken by Abel. He asks Abel how he is; Abel is hungry. Jax asks, "What do you feel like having?" "Cookies," Abel says. "Good choice. Chocolate chip? With some milk on the side?" Jax asks. And there, in a nutshell, is why Tara probably never gets to sleep in.

Meanwhile, Nero's served Gemma her coffee, just like she likes it, and he comments that she's been mighty quiet since her son delivered the "Whore yourself to Clay or never see your family again" ultimatum. Gemma replies, "He kind of leaves me speechless these days. He's setting the rules for Grandma. How about you and Jax? I'm off-limits." Nero replies, "I'm a little too old for dating rules. I see who I want to see." Gemma asks, "Is that what this is? We seeing each other?" Nero grins, "Yeah. I see you, Gemma." This knocks Gemma for a loop -- how dare Nero make her decision more complicated! -- and she recovers by saying she needs to get to the garage. Nero encourages her to play hooky and give him a ride to see Lucius. Gemma is won over by the prospect and she agrees to pick up Nero around noon.

And Clay's up early to talk to a mess of Italians about the wayward Frankie Diamonds. The Italians would like to know why the bikers' normally rigorous vetting standards have slipped and Clay mutters something that sounds suspiciously like, "Ah, kids today." These portly Italians concur. Anyway, Italians galore and Clay is going to making a side deal for some Glocks, because why wouldn't he throw another spanner in the SAMCRO works? Coffee! It picks him up while it calms him down enough to always keep scheming.

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