Sons of Anarchy
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Reach Out and Touch a Con

Nero sits down, takes her hand and asks what's going on. Gemma lies that she's exhausted and needs to take some time to Swim In The Lake Of Her. Nero endorses that and Gemma kisses him. Nero reminds her that he's here and Gemma leaves to the accompaniment of birdsong.

Tara's applying moisturizer before bed, as is required of all TV wives and mothers and she notices the bottle of Eau de Porn Sadness on her dresser. One sniff and she's off to the races, having a genuine Otto-erotic experience.

Jax is missing the warm-up act because he's meeting with Roosevelt to deliver the bad news: There will be no Frankie Diamonds to feed to the gears of the justice machine, because the nomad's body is currently cooling in the back of the van. Roosevelt does not take this well. Jax attempts to placate Roosevelt with, "Frankie pissed off a lot of people. This happened before we could get to him. It wasn't us." Roosevelt would like to know what, pray tell, he is to do with a dead body; Jax is all, "Well, stage the discovery of his worthless corpse in Chigger Woods." You know, with colorful local landmark names like that, it's a mystery why Charming is not more of a culty gem on the roadtripper rosters of America.

Jax then presses Roosevelt on who the rat at the SAMCRO table is and Roosevelt says, "I'm not doing this. I'm not going to be responsible for another dead body." Jax shakes his head and says, "Too late. I know it wasn't me or Bobby. Chibs, Tig, Happy -- they'd cut their own hearts out before they'd talk to the cops. Phil, the prospects, don't know dick. Clay, not enough upside for him to rat. Only leaves one guy, a guy who tried to hang himself a few months back." Roosevelt is silent for a moment, perhaps impressed that Jax has the kind of cerebral chops that would have served him well in the logic portion of the GREs. Then he says, "You know, he had no choice." Jax doesn't see it that way: "We always have a choice." Roosevelt asks, "What happens to him now?" Jax doesn't reply; he only reloads his .45.

Speaking of Juice, he's monkeying around with a bike over at Clay's when the bell rings. It's Gemma, who's offering to shoot some cortisone into Clay's knuckles. He clearly thinks it's the prelude to her gradually coming back to him; Gemma tries to channel her loving-but-no-nonsense demeanor, all too aware of how Clay can't take his eyes off her. Juice, sensing A Moment in the offing, takes his leave of the couple. As he motors off, Jax -- who is parked in a black SUV nearby -- pulls away and begins tailing Juice through the night.

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Sons of Anarchy




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