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Reach Out and Touch a Con

There's some more talk about how to reach these reticent Italians who are probably sheltering Frankie and Bobby nods to Clay to ask him if he could broker something with Cacuzza and Clay's all, "Um. Maybe?" Because we all know he's a lying liar that lies. Also, he's trying to cover his tracks.

Juice asks what happens to Frankie once the Sons find him. "We cut his head off," growls Chibs. But not before the club grills him on who was the mastermind behind the home invasions, Jax says, and Clay totally sits up. This season is going to include at least one Clay-sponsored attempt on Jax's life, isn't it?

Tig shouts, "Let's vote this shit!" and Jax calls for the vote on what to do about Frankie. He stresses that the vote has to be unanimous. Everyone can easily agree on stripping Frankie's patch. Jax then says, "As far as Mr. Mayhem goes, let's hear the pros and cons." Tig says, "He tried to kill you. That would be a pro." And THAT is when it finally hits me: the Men of Mayhem patch is meant to broadcast to all the bikers exactly who is willing or able to step up and kill a brother if the club requires it. (And now I wonder who Jax killed.) Chibs points out, "He shot Lyla. Tried to whack me." It's sweet that Chibs considers the Widow Winston to be under the club umbrella. So the club votes: "All in favor of Frankie Diamonds meeting Mr. Mayhem." It's unanimous. Everyone's off to go kill themselves a brother!

Jax and Bobby linger in the church because Jax needs to tell Bobby how they can't kill Frankie or else Roosevelt won't reveal the rat at the table. Jax outlines his plan: "First, we got to make sure Clay doesn't get to Frankie before we do, because he is going to blow his goddamned head off... when we find Frankie, I insist on pulling the trigger. Then you and me split off to do the kill. We'll take him someplace the sheriff can intercept." Bobby Elvis has been present and accounted for during all five seasons of this show, so he knows exactly how well this is likely to go. (Hint: Not well at all.) But since Bobby does not have any Plan B readily up his sleeve, he agrees to it.

Gemma approaches Clay as he's prepping to ride. They make some awkward small talk and Gemma chokes out, "Careful." Clay takes that as a cue that things are beginning to thaw, so he follows Gemma to her office and breaks the news that Skeeter's done cremated poor crazy Carla, so if Gemma and Nero would like to fetch the ashes, head on over. It's awkward. So awkward. Gemma thanks Clay again for "handling all that," and he just smiles, because he's totally convinced that it's only a matter of time before Gemma's forgiven him for using her as a punching bag.

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