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Reach Out and Touch a Con

When everyone gets back to the clubhouse, Jax is still in A Mood, but he is appropriately kind to Quinn with his thanks, then has a quick conference with Bobby Elvis about the Frankie issue. Jax says he's still delivering "the third nomad" to Roosevelt and Bobby snorts, "Come on -- are you going to prop him up in the front seat and play Weekend at Frankie's?" Jax doesn't even laugh, so concerned is he about how to handle Clay. Suddenly, Bobby Elvis is spouting off about needing "tangible evidence" before he can do anything about Clay, so either someone was forced to watch a lot of Law and Order marathons while a guest in the federal penal system or this is just a way to drag out a plot in what is otherwise a "shoot first, scramble to contain the damage later" type of culture.

And now, this is the point in recapping where I realized my iTMS download is different from what I actually watched on Tuesday night because, oceans of vodka notwithstanding, I have a distinct recollection of a scene between Otto and Tara where he asks her to release one wrist. She does so and he asks her to lean in and stroke his forehead. As Tara does this, Otto admits that he wanted to feel a woman's touch once more before he died. Then, enveloped in the scent of his beloved LuAnn, another old lady's hand soothing his brow, Otto begins fondling himself and weeping. Tara can only look down, horror and pity mingled on her features.

Anyway, know when I remembered that scene? When we jumped to this one: Tara's in her office and Jax comes in to ask how it went with Otto. "FREAKILY! OH MY GOD, SO FREAKILY!" Tara does not reply. She says instead, "It was just incredibly sad. He's just emotionally broken. The perfume crushed him. He was sobbing." Jax cringes in empathy. Not spoken between these two: What could happen to Tara if Jax went back inside -- or what it would take to break Jax like Otto's been broken. But! Tara thinks she got through to him, so that's a plus. Margaret comes into the office then to beam about how Abel's been released and Jax charmingly smiles his thanks at Margaret. Then the administrator drops a bomb: "I got a call from Karen Dunhill at Providence Hospital. Her Oregon team will be down at the conference. They want to know if you're available." Cue Jax looking up from the paperwork he's signing in utter surprise. Tara's equally shocked to discover that the offer from the Portland hospital is on the table. Margaret leaves and Jax asks, "The Oregon offer's still on the table?" Tara deflects, but Jax looks really thoughtful. Whether this is because he still holds out hope that Tara and the boys can break free of Charming or because he now (falsely) suspects Tara's making a Plan B without him remains to be seen.

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