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Morning comes to Charming. Clay lumbers into his living room and Gemma gives him a kiss, a cup of coffee and a moment to let down his guard before she nails him with a Gorgon-like glare of inquisition. Clay instantly guesses, "The papers?" "Yeah," Gemma replies. "The latest Mary Worth plotline is really chapping my ass." I kid! Gemma hasn't gotten past the big story on the front page about the four bodies found in Charming Heights. I can't get past the premise that the morning papers would have a story on the bodies already. Given the timetable these guys were operating on (shooting up the Russians in the middle of the night), the earliest the bodies would have been discovered is what, 6AM when the first construction crews began arriving for work? So what I'm saying is, it's a hell of lot more plausible that would have led with the story in the morning, while the local dailies -- which were probably to the presses around 2AM -- would not have. What is highly implausible is that either Gemma or Clay opens up their morning by sitting down at the computer and firing up a local news website.

Anyway. Clay's all, "Eh, it's all in a night's work," so Gemma plows on to what's really chapping her ass: the letters Maureen Ashby gave to Jax. Gemma's worried that whatever's in the letters is so mind-bending, it will permanently ruin Jax and Tara for SAMCRO. Clay dismisses that as unlikely: "It's probably a bunch of love letters and half-gay poems." Gemma hisses, "Or a stack of hate." How about none of the above? Based on what we've heard so far, ol' JT pretty much pioneered the LiveJournal format 25 years ahead of time. Nobody gets me! It's hard to be an idealist! I took a quiz and the character I'd be from The Lord of the Rings is Boromir, which totally sucks! Clay attempts to talk Gemma down, but she won't rest until she's sure that she's successfully reversed whatever brainwashing-from-beyond-the-grave John Teller's effected on Jax and his old lady. After Gemma leaves, Clay broods a little.

We zip to morning at the Knowles-Teller house, where Tara's running around getting ready for work, while also prepping the boys for the day and holding Thomas. Jax is sitting there cuddling Abel. Tara offers to scotch the usual childcare rota since Jax is home, but he demurs with, "I don't want to mess with their routines." Tara slides into a seat at the table -- Thomas, as per time-honored TV convention, is passed out -- and comments with a grin that it sure will be nice having the father of her two children around to actually help rear them. Before Jax can tell her, "Yeah, don't get any ideas ..." he notices the morning news, which is leading with the bodies found on the construction site. Tara, who is feeding Thomas now, asks if Jax was involved. He replies, "How much do you want to know?" Tara switches off the TV and says, "All of it." Jax tells her it was retaliation for his shivving. It's great that they're having such clear and honest communication, but maybe this is the kind of conversation that can wait until the kids are in bed? Or perhaps it's always been a parenting goal of Jax or Tara's to have their son go to preschool and proudly announce how their daddy likes to retaliate against the Russians? Whatever. The conversation's cut short by Gemma coming in and dryly saying, "We-ell, look at this perfect family." (And here is where I wonder if she's seeing herself and JT at that table before it all went so wrong.)

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