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Have Some Coke and a Smile, and Shut the F*** Up

And in the third household -- Chez Winston -- Opie's putting the moves on his bride. The kids are at school, so why not have a little honeymoon in the morning? Lyla regretfully demurs; she has to work. Opie says, "The sooner we get you knocked up, the sooner you get to stop working," which just ... what now? In what universe does that make sense? If they can afford to lose an income as they're adding a child to the household, then they can afford to have Lyla stop working now and Opie can stop being aggrieved about her particular vocation. Anyway, the whole point to this scene is to establish two things: Opie's got the baby fever, and Opie has no plans to tell his old lady AN-Y-THING, as he lies expertly about how SAMCRO had nothing to do with killing any Russians.

Back at Knowles-Teller manor, Tara hustles out the door. Jax shrugs on his outerwear, ready to launch into whatever overstuffed day Clay has planned for them, and Gemma straightens out his black hoodie with, "Everything okay? With us?" Jax gives Gemma a "What the hell, Mom?" look and asks what she's talking about. Gemma says with a wobble in her voice, "I just missed you so much." Jax rolls his eyes and assures her they're fine. Gemma bravely lifts her chin and lays it on: "I love you more than anything in this world, Jax. You know that, right?" Jax is all, "Whatever," and hugs his mom, totally ignoring the silent ending of Gemma's last question, which is, "So you know I wouldn't murder you and make it look like an accident, right? Not that I've ever done that." Jax tells his mother he loves her, then rolls out the door.

Charming Heights. Both Potter and Roosevelt are watching the CSI team do their work. Potter says in his usual diffident tone, "I'm guessing there are three or four dead Russians somewhere else in Charming this morning." Roosevelt says, "Not all Russians. [I'm] sorry about Worsky." "Yes, I know. He was a good agent," Potter says. Then he finally betrays some surprise: "Wow. I did not see this coming. 'It is through being wounded, power grows and can, in the end, become tremendous.'"

Roosevelt visibly swallows whatever he was going to say -- "Yes, Nietzsche often comes to mind when I'm looking at a crime scene," perhaps -- and displays a flair for investigation by asking, "Am I missing an upside to this?" Potter turns to him and burbles, "Bold! Bold! They are becoming bold! Why? How? The Sons are a mid-sized club, barely in the top ten. What empowers them to go head-to-head with the ROC, wipe out a whole damn gulag?" Roosevelt's first thought is revenge; Potter points out that vengeance-minded clubs are often killed through their own stupidity.

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