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Have Some Coke and a Smile, and Shut the F*** Up

After Tig leaves, Bobby Elvis asks for a minute with Clay. He then makes his case: "I know why you're doing this. But all due respect, it's a mistake." Clay says, "I appreciate that, but I didn't ask for your counsel." Bobby Elvis warns him, "You push this through, it kills SAMCRO. I love you, brother, but I love this club more. I'm not going to let it happen." Clay reciprocates the love, but barely manages to keep a straight face because he is sure this is a done deal.

Cut to Gemma rifling through the Knowles-Teller estate, Thomas balanced on her hip. This is the downside to TV babies: They're conveniently well-behaved until the moment they're needed to ratchet up dramatic tension or illustrate a revealing character trait about someone -- such as Gemma's one-track mind. Which we've never seen in the three prior seasons, right? Moving on ... Abel poking through Gemma's purse and telling her he's looking for "Mommy's bag" makes Gemma realize that Tara probably keeps the letters on her. It also makes us all realize that someone has been teaching Abel to call Tara "Mommy," so either Wendy's rehab never took or she died off-screen or Tara's just messing with everyone now.

Meanwhile, Jax and Opie catch up in the car. Jax calls Opie out for being a sulky little boy, then gets to his real point: All he's thinking about these days is his family -- and not the one made up of burly men in leather jackets who spend a lot of time giving him firm, testosterone-scented embraces and telling him they love him. Opie's all, "So, pushing coke is how you plan on being a decent husband and father? Explain how that works?" Jax is all, "Drugs, shmugs. I am all about earning big. Also, I am apparently obvious to my wife the surgeon's earning power." He cries that they're living hand to mouth, and I have to ask ... these people routinely handle bricks of cash the size of a Quiznos sub. Where is it all going? I realize time and again someone's carrying on about medical bills, and I realize that for the uninsured in this country, the cost of health care is positively surreal but ... did it never occur to anyone in the front office at Teller-Morrow to pick up the phone, call Blue Cross of California and see what the deal with employee benefits packages was? Everyone in the club works in the garage anyway. I'm just saying: Had Gemma been on top of her game during the Clinton administration -- not even the first term, the second -- nobody would be feeling the pressure now. At least, not for health care-related expenses. Knowing these cats, Juice would still be broke because he'd be trying to build a working motorcycle with chocolate or something.

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