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Have Some Coke and a Smile, and Shut the F*** Up

Clay and Unser are having a conversation about Clay's new business: Clay needs someone who can get his hands on an 18-wheeler and then drive it to Tucson, Arizona along roads that wouldn't require stopping at weigh stations. Unser would rather talk about the Charming Heights business: "I'm pretty sure homicide is a parole violation." Clay dryly points out that it's a little late for Unser to start playing good cop. Unser gives him a look, and then says baldly, "Yeah, I guess it is [a little late]." Clay immediately apologizes and Unser shrugs it off. Clay then follows up on his missus's concerns: "While we were on the inside, did Tara ask you anything unusual? Like about history? John and me?" Unser says she didn't. Then Tig finally manages to drag Clay over to the phone.

Clay asks Jax, "What do they want?" Jax replies around the gun barrel lodged in his cheek, "I don't speak Russian, but I'm pretty sure they're pissed off about their guns." Then the Russians come on the line: Bring the guns, or the SAMCRO boys die. Clay asks for a few hours to go get the merch, stashed as it is at Happy's aunt's house. (Hands up, all those who imagine Happy's aunt sounding like Kathleen Turner. I just love imagining a whole raspy-voiced family sitting down for breakfast.)

Capers Ahoy! Unser's still hanging around the garage -- his bike's repairs no doubt having fallen by the wayside with this latest SAMCRO headache -- and Gemma comes teetering in on her skyscraper heels to dramatically announce, "We have a problem, Wayne. I think Tara knows about John." Unser wants to know how that's possible, and Gemma fills him in: "John had another old lady in Belfast. Before he was killed, he was writing her letters, sharing all his secrets. She tried to send those letters home with Jax. Tara must have found them ... I found [the letters] in Tara's office." Unser asks if Gemma read the letters, and she says, "The ones I did, it was JT wringing his guilt about Thomas, his failed marriage, and his fear and Clay and me getting closer... Tara had a copy of the accident report. Charming PD. Now, you only pull something like that if you have suspicions." Unser is all, "Yeah, maybe we shouldn't tell Clay right now. He's got enough on his mind."

And Clay is about to get more. Before he and the rest of the SAMCRO boys can ride to the rescue, Roosevelt and his phalanx of deputies pulls up. As they do, Clay dispatches Gemma, sotto voce, to call the Grim Bastards and send them out to the Wahewa rez as backup. Then he calls out to Roosevelt, "If you're looking fleet work, you're going to have to make an appointment." Roosevelt is imperturbable. He merely wants to ask a few questions about everyone's whereabouts from the night before. Clay smarts off, and that's when the fire engine arrives. Cut to Piney and Tig both scowling, This can't be good. Roosevelt takes off his sunglasses and asks, all seriousness, "You smell smoke?"

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Sons of Anarchy




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