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Liar, Liar, Club On Fire

Tara decides not to ask too many questions about why Jax is carrying enough currency to set up a Charming branch of the Fed. She just takes the cash, and Jax tells her, "Got to put it in the safety deposit box, in your name. There's going to be a lot more." Tara swallows before asking neutrally, "All in cash?" "No strings, no tax -- this is real, babe. Just like I promised you." I am in no way well versed on whether or not any law enforcement agency can seize the contents of a safe deposit box, but I'm thinking if these two really want to keep their money untouchable, they need to call in a professional and learn how to hide it in plain sight via a brokerage. Anyway, Tara takes the cash. She saves her sigh until after Jax walks off.

Next, we see the guys in church. Jax and Clay spin a story for the guys: "our sheriff has a lead on Luann's murder" (factual error number one) and there is an unknown assailant who did the deed, as his DNA is in the system (factual error number two). We cut to Bobby Elvis looking nervous, but Juice quickly assumes that Georgie Caruso is the one who did it. Clay rumbles, "We should have handled this shit when it first happened. Old ladies, they got a way of coming back and biting you in the ass." Spoken like a man whose actions got one murdered a few seasons ago! And I love that the camera goes to Piney as Clay says that. Jax sets up the plot of the week: If Roosevelt's got proof of a suspected killer, the club needs to get to him first so they can extract Otto-appropriate vengeance. There's a ticking clock here too: Once Otto's out of the infirmary, he loses visitation. The camera goes to a very uncomfortable-looking Bobby as Clay says, "I want a brother to look him in the eye and tell him it's been handled. He deserves that." Juice asks Opie if Lyla can help them track down Georgie, and Opie sullenly says so: "She's on a shoot today." Chibs reverently raises his eyes to heaven as he whispers, "Beautiful thing, two girls in love." Clay orders, "Before we all sail off to the isle of Lesbos, for a job well done." He then hands out big bricks of cash to everyone present. Kozik, Happy and Miles' stashes will be waiting for them until they return to grace our screen again.

Piney pointedly shoves his cash away and gives Clay a murderous look. Bobby Elvis clears out and it's only the two old men across the table. They debate what the dead JT would have done, and Piney sets a trap for Clay about how "John changed his mind about the guns, remember?" Clay steps into it: "Yeah, he talked about, uh, getting us out." Piney springs the trap and drops his knowledge about the meeting JT set up -- and never made it to -- about getting SAMCRO out of the gun-running business." He then informs Clay of the letters' existence and how they basically finger Clay for JT's murder. Clay reminds us all of the death myth: "JT laid his bike down on 580, was crushes by a semi. It was an accident." Piney says, "We'll never know. Lowell, senior, disappeared the next week, and he was the only one JT trusted to work on his bike." Clay goes on the offense, asking Piney what he stands to gain by bringing all this up. Piney tells him: "It's not about me. You kill the drug muling, or I'll let the rest of the club read the letters." Clay claims Piney doesn't have the letters. Piney figures he can't lose either way -- the truth comes out or the drugs go away. Clay protests that you don't exactly quit a cartel. Piney thinks otherwise, and gives Clay a deadline of a week. And "In case you're still thinking about slitting my throat, I wouldn't. I have contingencies in place." This, I can't wait to see.

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